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CafféLatté Magazine's 5 Fantastic Movies and Soundtracks

We all love movies, and there are many to satisfy all types of movie lovers. Have you ever tried to read the credits after a movie? I do, just to see how much people are involved. Well you know the answer, a lot of folks. I estimate between 100 to 300 people are involved in making a single movie. I mean, there is the location, equipment, extras, makeup, set designers, special effects, engineers, carpenters, proof readers, blueprints, writers, etc. 

After I watch a movie, I always wonder what you would you do if you worked on a movie and your name is one of many in the small fonts coming to the end of the credits? My favorite part of a movie is when it is mentioned that, "No animals were harmed in the making of this movie". Or, "The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental." I decided to find out why this is said, because the Na'vi does not exist, and I can't remotely imagine some bloke going after the makers of Avatar claiming that one the Na'vi characters looks like his mother. 

And then there are the stylists. For instance, in Black Swan, instead of Natalie Portman's stylist, it is "Stylist to Ms. Portman", and then the person's name. I am sorry I did not get that info. So, the credits are just as important as the movie. What is really cool about movies are the Extras/ non-speaking part. It's not really glamorous, given the fact that the pay is not so great. Extra gigs average about $64.00 (USD) per day. And that is a non-union payment. Its like working at a fast-food restaurant. They don't pay you like you are important, but you are. Now, I am not daft, but I am surprised that unions hold so much power. I thought that unions here in Trinidad are so petty, like protesting for 9% more and pounding in the hot sun and rain for it. I mean if you must protest for an increase it has to be for something substantial, like, eradicating racism, like civil rights, or justice, or utilities, or even a 50% wage increase? Anyway, who really benefits from these protests? Sometimes the protestors get fired after everything cools down. Without further ado, CafféLatté Magazine's 5 Fantastic Movies and Soundtracks.

Director: James Cameron
Producer: Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Theme Song: I See You
Song Writer(s): James Horner, Simon Franglen, Kuk Harrell 
Song Composer(s): James Horner, Simon Franglen
Singer: Lenoa Lewis
You know there are some songs that no one else should sing, let alone karaoke, this is one of them. Considering this video is a karaoke version, it has cancelled my previous sentence. Leona Lewis has a beautiful voice and her feeling and power in this song cannot be copied.

Director: James Cameron
Producer: James Cameron, Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Theme Song: My Heart Will Go On
Song Writer(s): James Horner (music), Simon Franglen, James Horner and Walter Afanasief(production), Will Jennings (lyrics),  
Song Composer(s): James Horner, Will Jennings
Singer: Celine Dion
Best person to sing this song is Celine Dion. No contest.

Director(s): Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Producer: Don Hahn
Writer(s): Jonathan Roberts, Irene Mecchi
Theme Song: Circle of Life/ Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Song Writer(s): Elton John/ Tim Rice
Song Composer(s): Elton John, Tim Rice
Singer(s): Carmen Twillie, Lebohang "Lebo M." Morake, Elton John, London Community Gospel Choir
I had to put this here, the whole soundtrack is fantastically written.

Director(s): James Schamus, Wang Hui Ling
Producer: Ang Lee, Hsu Li Kong, William Kong
Writer(s): Hui-Ling wang, Du Lu Wang
Theme Song: A Love Before Time
Song Writer(s): James Schamus, Elaine Chow
Song Composer(s): Jorge Calandrelli, Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma
Singer(s): Coco Lee 
When I first watched this movie, I was irritated with the bamboo flying scene, it was just too much, but it all added to the masterpiece of the movie. Where is Zhang Ziyi now? And Chow Yun-Fat?

Director(s): Francis Ford Coppola
Producer: Albert S. Ruddy/(Robert Evans)
Writer(s): Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
Theme Song: Speak Softly love
Song Writer(s): Larry Kusik
Song Composer(s): Nino Rota
Singer(s): Original singer Al Martino

The thing about "Il Padrino", is that there are some versions of the original soundtrack, that is so Sicilian that you can never tear yourself away from it. Its like you can taste taste the cannoli, and the olive oil and even the murder. It is really a piece of art, no, it is possibly the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard. Seriously, it makes you forget all the murder that you saw in the movie. In addition, it actually puts a classy spin on gang violence…way different than rap music.

Director(s): Chris Columbus
Producer(s): Chris Columbus, Gail Katz, Michael Barnathan, Neal Miller, Laurence Mark
Writer(s): Isaac Asimov, Nicholas Kazan, Robert Silverberg
Theme Song: Then You Look At Me
Song Writer(s): James Horner
Song Composer(s): James Horner
Singer(s): Celine Dion
Robin Williams as a robot. I liked that he can only do hilarious talk antics, and not physical antics. Well written movie.

 p.s: Do not be so dumb to think I am claiming copyright for these movies.

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