Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new Story

I wanted to put together a series of some sort, a comics blog on the Adventures of a little girl. Mostly about M. I thought I would put a little snippet sample and if it works out I will go big. This is all copyrighted down to the toe nails of little Story Blanc, enjoy!

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2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting something off my chest

Print and stick in your cubicle if you are Clueless

I have not been writing here for a while. One friend is convinced that I had acquired a boyfriend, another said that I am in love. I'd say nope to both accounts. Its more like wasted time. Some women use their whole lives waiting for the perfect man. Some women try to be princesses a la Barbara Hutton. Others become lesbo's either by choice or frustration, and then there is 'the clueless club'

In this 'Clueless' club, the women have no experience when it comes to guys. They have never kissed a guy romantically under the mango tree, they have never had someone fall in love with them, they have never had a BF, they simply go on living. You are elegible for the Clueless Club if you ask yourself the following:

What is the purpose of having a BF?
Ok so i have a BF, now what?
I have this guy, and he just likes talking to me, but I don't know what to do about it.
What does being engaged feel like?
I don't know how to fall in love?
How do you fall in love?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are not going to find them here, because I do not know. When I feel like someone likes me, I just want to run away, but if I like them, they run away. I read those "Rules" books, but I believe, that every guy is different, not all of them can be categorized in those books, but I might add, they have very good advice, especially for women who need to keep their dignity and self esteem in the right track.

So for all you Clueless CafféLatté Magaziners, you now have your own official card. You gotta be proud about something.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Blog!

I created a new blog. And that is all I can say for now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Small is Small

Lisa Marie Unique Home Designs- The Adventure

In Trinidad, the Bigger the house the better. We just love to pull out the ooooohhhh's and aaahhhh's from out of the mouths of the green faces of our friends. Just imagine for a moment, that you could possibly live in a 7ft wide, 308 sq. ft home that only has one bath, one bedroom, a kitchen and ultra snug living room. Take a look!

Also, have a look at my design, the Adventure which is only 400 sq. feet, and is ideal for couples and athletic single people.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Monday, March 21, 2011

A take in a different direction

Tonight we went to see Battle: Los Angeles. It was fantastic, a little chatty, and hard to focus at times, but it just shows that if you find an opportunity, take it and make sure you succeed despite the odds. At one point I told my sister, "This move looks like it is heading to a hopeless ending." She nodded in agreement. But I was pleasantly surprised at the ending, I was even a bit stressed at some point. And I wondered if I should place a bet on which black guy will be killed first. Now, don't get me wrong, Hollywood has it that if there are too many black people in a movie, some of them got to die off, so I was a bit happy to see that I would have lost the bet. One thing I really love about the movie is that there was no glamour, or fancy schmancy stuff. It was dirty, smelly, raw and real (In a HWD way), and the aliens were really ugly, I could not see their eyes. The were like a mix between the aliens from Independence Day and a zombie jellyfish.

My days in review: Well nothing much, except life. A few experiences that puzzles me though. Today, I was speaking to what I thought was a friend through the internet, in true Caribbean fashion, I was giving him fatigue about the guys giving his girl attention, so I was rather shocked when he turned it into a discussion about starting trouble, he took the trouble donkey and rode it into town, screaming about how much trouble I could get into, plus he got his girl involved. Papayo! Drama! So, I explained to the GF who is American about our culture giving fatigue to couples, she stated, "Well some *country's will have a problem with that, " She meaning her British BF who was insulting in the most cutting manner. That got me thinking about English folks. When I did my research on the internet, I found that many folks stated how rude English people are, I thought, "Nah! Not all of them are like Simon Cowell, there must be some who are quite light-hearted and funny, just like my other English friend." So this guy, took a joke and made it into an all out verbal assault, and I did the best thing, I ignored it, not because I was afraid, or felt intimidated, but I have read of people getting killed for two dollars, and plus, despite what many people think a strong person, in a moment of getting heated to return a violent response, instead walks away, calmly and securely, with dignity and class. Its not worth it. However, I firmly told her that in the future, I promise I would not have anything to do with him, and I meant it by my actions. She said, "I appreciate it." I did not feel bad, I felt sorry for her. Because if a guy cannot treat a woman who is a stranger with respect, how would he treat her. Remember Women's Suffrage and glass ceiling. Plus, when she spoke to me she could not even spell '*countries'.

Personally, I believe in fighting for something that will eventually turn out for good, like when MLK encouraged the boycott of bus transport because of the severe segregation, where "coloured" folks had to sit in one seat in the back, just because they are black, that is worth. But fighting because of a perceived insult, not even asking questions to get a clearer view, especially when the person is of a different culture. Anyway, this is not the first time this insecure English man, has reacted this way. I personally witnessed him verbally belittling someone because he made a stupid statement and they pulled up his socks on it. This guy said to him, "You are quick mate to dish out insults, but when you get it back you can't take it, its time to deal with someone who can stand up to you." He left. So much for being a man.

I could go on and on about men and women and respect and fight and insult. But I am tired, I am tired of the mentally emotional and physical beating I took last year. I am tired of the constant stress, I am tired of being made to look like an ***. I am tired like how Rosa Parks felt too tired to give her seat to a white man. I am just too tired.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life and the Uncertainty and feeling when you will be dashed to pieces

For the folks in Uber-Techno-Savy Japan, Mother Nature has hit a home run in terms of emotional anguish, pain, loss of life, desperation, and all kinds of social ills. A group of people highly regarded as hard-working, industrious, creatively intelligent, and quality-oriented, they have made Japan one of the most wealthiest nations in Asia.

So stop and think for a moment, that one day you had everything, and then Friday into Saturday, everything is gone. First an 8.9 earthquake and then the clean kicker of a 6 -13 feet tsunami. And with Big Brother watching, it happens right before your very eyes on the internet live stream, on T.V., by satellite, and amateur videos.

I can not fathom the sense of loss and depression, plus post-traumatic disorder that can come from this. I think that in light of the regular occurrences like these, there needs to be a group of folks called the Counselors for People of Involuntary Displacement of Disaster. This group of Psychologists and work in a voluntary manner (you will have to super mean to bill folks for this) to emotionally help people to deal with loss in such a grand scale. Some folks find it easy to get up after they fall, but many folks may find it difficult to 'get up' after they have fallen, leading them to be left behind and struggling by themselves to gain their footing. This COPIDD group can help the folks to help themselves and in turn help others. The idea is to prevent long term mental illness from dealing with natural disasters. While it is a temporary solution, it will help you to get by until better comes about.

From personal experience, there is only so much beating a mind can take, and if you pride yourself on your developed thick skin, there is always someone or something who can override and pierce your 'thick-skin' and sink you like the Titanic.

Anyway, that is my suggestion and its copyrighted (insert chuckle). The funny thing is, there is more to come, the scary thing is not knowing when. I may have some other ideas, but for now simply take in the beauty of my airplane.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte