Monday, February 13, 2012


Lately, I was working on three (3) Sketchup homes concurrently, and it became a bit tiring. But I am glad to say that I finished one of the three.

The idea for this home came to me when I was booked for a PR event. Usually, I am very nervous before the any PR event, because I want to make a good impression and be as professional as ever. The thing is, I don't really like to be booked to meet new people, but I must, so that I can make a living. You know there are those jobs that helps you to quietly make a living, that is what I love, its what I thrive in, its the only thing that helps me to think effectively and creatively, hence, I love Graphic Design. Unfortunately, I have to meet people and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, while I am so nervous I could pass out. I feel to run whenever I see video cameras, I hate them.

Anyway, the name of this house is called, The Executive Sanctuary. It is a three-story city home with an indoor pool, living room, kitchen and breakfast/dinner nook, lots of storage, parking for one car, one and a half baths, two bedrooms and an outside dining area. As with all my other designs, it has an lots of windows for air and light, so that you will not burn electricity on a regular basis, and it is very private. The colours were really simple, shades of blue and white, with a few "accents." I am yet to meet a flamboyantly colourful business man/woman, who likes to come home to a super colourful house!

This house, is one of my more organized ones, I love the bathroom layout especially. This home would be particularly suitable on a piece of property I saw on Dundonald Street.


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