Friday, February 3, 2012

The Help

"You is smart…"

I am not a sucker for movies that feature even a spot of racism. It is sometimes too much to bear, especially when you feel it has hit too close to home, that it pierces your heart, because you are being discriminated for something you cannot change…YOU.

Initially, I refused to see The Help, because I thought "meh, another movie featuring 'mammies' who do you-know-what, trying to start trouble in a modern world where, racism has reared its ugly head even higher." The name-calling for one will not stop.  All you have to do is read the comments in some on-line articles: monkey, watermelon, fried-chicken, angry black woman… it just goes on and on… So this movie, I won't even hear of it, or pay my money to see it…

I was wrong.

I love it. 

It was funny, intelligent, tactful, brave, and it opened your eyes to what African-American people, particularly the women, what they had to go through. My sis was convinced it was fictional, this is debatable for me. It seemed too good to be so real! The actresses Viola Davis, plays the 'main help,' who has to face the injustice done to her son as he dies on her couch in the living room, as well as taking care of little white kids, and caring for them, trying to be 'professional,' a mother-for-hire, to them. Octavia Spencer plays a 'sassy-mouth help' who has some really marvelous experiences, one of which causes a scandal… or almost. Bryce Dallas Howard is really brave to take on the role as a beautiful racist, who lies to manipulate the suburban wives in her town, and succeeds, sometimes. 

There were some parts of the movie that made me cry. The story of Constantine Jefferson, expertly played by the classy Cicely Tyson, was heartbreakingly rendered. It is one of the most,  heart-squeezing moment. And, the recanting of the story of Aibileen Clark's (Viola Davis) son. And when Aibileen, was fired from her last job, I felt like I was witnessing my mother, something about that made me think of my mom for some reason, and I burst into more tears. The most hilarious, is Minni Jackson's (Octavia Spencer) chocolate pie incident. As well as her reaction on seeing  Celia Foote's (Jessica Chastain) hubby, offering to assist her.

Emma Stone played the budding journalist, Skeeter Phelan, who finally gains a jerk boy friend, and loses him again, due to the book. I almost did not recognize her, it was a great role for her, but she still seemed a bit fake, as though I could see that she was acting. And I found that, I should not see it.

Movie was directed by Tate Taylor and written by Kathryn Stockett.

9 stars out of 10. (You made my cry, twice)

P.S. the inclusion of Medgar Evers was well done, although, he is almost forgotten since I really don't know much about him, but I was familiar with his name, and I don't know why. i will look him up.

And congrats to Ms. Davis and Ms. Spencer, you both deserved those awards!!


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