Friday, February 24, 2012

Amazing Creative Stuff on Youtube

Young people don't need to turn to crime to prove a point, they can get creative. Today, I have some videos that can possibly jolt your creative drive. These folks did some really great work, some as a team and others by themselves. Its remarkable what hard work can accomplish. These are here, because they have received the CafféLatté Magazine© Must See 'Cause It's Completely Awesome stamp!

Amazing Bottle Cap Poker Table
If a team of you and your best buddies can cometogether and do something like this, you are friends for life!

Resin Jewelry-July
There are countless resin jewlery artists on Youtube, but this one is simply beautiful and almost glasslike.

Beer Bottle Glass Concrete Counter Top
This is something I would not mind having. It is eye-catchingly unique and looks so simple, but i am guessing it would take hours of polishing to get this sheen. A very good conversation starter that will not end.

LZF Hand Made
When I first saw them I was in love.

Carol Z's Recycled Bottle Lites
Children would love to own these. Kayakkurt also gives you a little shot on how to bore a hole into glass bottles, remarkable stuff!

Trees, Trees, Trees
Artistic Welding, and you learn a bit about metals and customizing them to your taste.

Concrete Bar With a river of Fiberoptic Sideglow Lighting

Fiber Optic cables are pretty versatile, but they are also expensive, when they are used for art, the results are beautiful. Hardtopix's work would really fit in with a Contemporary designed home, and of course for a bar.

Recycled Bottle Lamps
Instead of having to buy a lava lamp, you can make these! One of each colour please thank you.

If these don't get you to the drawing board, keep scanning the internet you may find something really remarkable!


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