Saturday, February 4, 2012

Musical Interlude...

Earlier today I saw a friend's update on FB, it was a salsa dance number, with music done by Juan Luis Guerra. Now, I have a policy among my friends that I don't really want a romantic bone in my body, its there but I want to focus on other stuff, (between you and I, things will be kept in place...until). However, something about Guerra is special, almost a genuine love, but its not rough, its not 'trippy', its almost hopeful, especially when he is slow and calm, just singing his song.

Now this piece is called Bachata en Fukuoka. It also features an interracial couple dancing the bachata, "a style of dance originated in the Dominican Republic"(Wikipedia). The word Fukuoka is the name of a city in Japan. So my guess is the name of the song is: Dance in Fukuoka. I think it sounds more romantic in Spanish.

The song is really long and while I would love to post the lyrics, you can find them here. The video was directed by Simon Brand, I am so sorry I can't find the name of the couple. Enjoy the music!


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