Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Greatest Movie Regret

Is not going to see Red Tails. As a black woman, I find it horrible that I did not even make an effort to show some appreciation. Its either one of many things: my inner chemistry against/for either Terrence Howard or Cuba Gooding Jr., the reaction of the general public towards an all black cast, the complaint of George Lucas when he said he had to foot the majority of the bill. ARGH! I consider myself a movie novice, I love movies, and yet I did not give this one a chance. Some of my friends who saw it said it was fantastic. I am so sorry guys my heart hurts, because I know you all put your heart and soul into this and I did not appreciate it. So I will say thank you, for having the guts to star in it, and keep those chins up in Hollywood. :-)


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