Monday, March 12, 2012

Your Moment and Interview

Do you remember the illustrative portrait of the Wismans? I was finally able to get an interview with Mr. Wismans during his busy schedule. So take a moment and read what he has to say, I am sure you would love it. And don't forget to leave a comment or question about the interview. 

Q: Where are you from and what school/college/University did you go to?
A: Rotterdam, The Netherlands & I studied sculpture, architecture and product design at the Art Academy

Q:  Who/What brought you to our Twin-Island Republic?
A: I fell in love with an extra-ordinary Trini woman on this beautiful island and so I came.

Q:  What is your current state of mind right now?
A: I am designing a series of interior products. I am projecting expressionistic, self-made camouflage like patterns, in rigorous, and massive geometric shapes. This I do to make an almost perfect balance. Shifting with shapes to make complex, though, serene designs is my goal. It's quite a challenge because of the different outcomes, only 5% survives.

Q:  What type of Art/Design are you into?
A: Finding ones own identity in a faster globalizing world is like running blindfolded in ever changing labyrinth. Though, in this post-modern times, one needs to find ones position in the world.

In my work I try to find a universal style. I take patterns, trends and discoveries I find on my research from all over the world, from all ages and eclectically reflect them on my work. I think you could say I am an expressionist as well as a minimalist.

Q:  What awards have you won in the Nederland/Netherlands?
A: My biggest achievement, is that I won an architecture prize out of 94 contestants. The challenge was to come up with a new concept for a stone brick and using it within a nature resort in the Netherlands. I used this brick and made it into a gigantic meandering nestlike building which functions as a hotel, restaurant and a museum for WNF. This absurd huge nestlike building in time becomes green of algae and dissolves within the environment.

Q: Five years from now what can we expect from you in terms of Art/Design? 
A: I am working on a show for the end of the summer where I will present my ideas of architecture, interior design and sculptures. I will blow up my sculptures into buildings. I think I need another 3 lifetimes for all I want to do: Writing graphic novels, traveling the earth, and making photo documentaries, plus opening a cute little restaurant, maybe even starting a carnival band.

Q: If you were to tell someone about the Netherlands, someone who has never been there, what would you tell them about life there, and the people? 
A: Life here, in Trinidad, is very different. In the Netherlands, everything is so structured and captured in protocols and rules one desires for bacchanal. Here in Trinidad, the opposite is true. It is warm and nature here is extra-ordinary. There are a lot of nice galleries, museums and theaters. Everyone is free to decorate their houses here in Trinidad which results in beautiful patterns. People are less jealous in The Netherlands of each other, and ones race doesn't matter.

The Wismans

Q:  What about places of interest to visit in the Netherlands and what food to try?
A: I don't like the obvious tourist spots. If you want to really experience something special in Holland, go Friesland, where there are a lot of lakes, nature & birds, 1000 years of boat history, and typical Dutch cows. Or in the far south, visit the ancient Maastricht where the newest Parisian fashion meets medieval, and eat a raw herring waffle and an old cheese sandwich.

Q: What would you tell your Dutch friends about Trinidad and Tobago?
A: Best place to party and enjoy nature and a lot of very nice people. I would advise them to balance their time in Trinidad & Tobago, I find Trinidad's nature more beautiful than Tobago's.

Q: Is this your first Carnival? How was it for you? What about the dialect, etc.
A: I really saw a lot of interesting costumes, bikini mass bores me after a while. I really enjoyed all the expression of the people. Since I have been living here for a year, I can understand the dialect by now.

Q:  What is your favorite dish in Trinidad and Tobago? And where is your favorite 
A: Stewed pork with macaroni pie, mhmmm. The whole of the North coast of Trinidad is my favorite spot. It's energizing.

Q:  If you have a comment for CafféLatté magazine, what would it be?
A: Keep on doing the good work Lisa, love your blog!

Thank you Mr. Wismans for Your Moment and Interview with CafféLatté magazine and I look forward to more of your work in the near future.

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