Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wismans

It is with appreciation I present my first Illustration works for an interracial couple. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wismans for their support in this venture.

If you would like to be illustrated for CafféLatté Magazine and to be presented on this blog, click HERE for more information.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Friday, July 29, 2011


The week was lamely adventurous, that is, nothing really happened. This week, I have been clearing up my FB profile. It was sorely needed since the Lisa Marie of the past few years and the Lisa Marie now are quite different. Plus, it is great to look back at some of the most hilarious conversations I have ever had with my friends there.

In terms of portrait Illustration sessions, I have gained my first one, its not finished, however here is a sample pic:
And that is all I can give you for now. Enjoy your weekend, as for us Trinbagonions its going to be a long weekend, with our Emancipation Day Holiday on Monday. Sunday night we are going to take in some turtle watching. Can't wait!

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Galaxified Universe of Awesome Creation

Now, I don't want to start you off by suggesting that you go outside and look at the night sky...that would be dangerous. However how would you like to know what goes on in NASA sometimes, or everyday? Do you ever wonder what happens in the Universe everyday?

Take a look at the pic on the bottom, and click on the caption just below it. This will take you to the explanation by a professional astronomer. Sometimes, if we stop and look around us we can see how beautiful creation can be.

 Click on the link, it will take you directly to

The Southern Cliff in the Nebula Lagoon

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's Day Off Tomorrow's Salty Oil

Nothing is happening today. Other than the fact, I decided to be the responsible sister and collect my little sis' birth certificate after much wrangling with the Immigration Authorities from Chaguanas about her real name, whether or not it has a stupid dash! They really made her feel as though she came from Uzbekistan or something. So, she had to get an affidavit, in which she paid $100 to get her name spelt wrong (again) and a damaged Birth Certificate. Finally, we can move on. Sigh...

Today for dinner is Garlic Rice (where I boiled the rice with a crushed whole garlic), and Pepper Kidney Beans with Geera. Later I will take a rest for evening activities.

I was looking at some files I took in NYC during my sojourn there, I miss it alot. I miss the smells, the museums, the subways and the coffee (I had a lot there). Plus some of the people (Americans are really not that bad, its just you-know-what). Today I will show some pics I took at the Brooklyn Musuem. At the time they were setting up a Murakimi Show, and we saw the Buddha sculpture and it was really lovely and large

If you know about the third picture, please post a comment, because I have no idea, it would really help.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Murakami Buddha Sculpture

A corset-like garment worn by the males of a tribe in Africa

I am so sorry, I don't have a clue, but I love this

Chinese Dynasty Vases

Remake of rooms in homes that were torn down in NYC

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday's Child into Tuesday's Teenager

I had a meeting on Monday, and after that I lost all strength, then I had a headache and sinus trouble, so I medicated myself and rested up for Tuesday.

Tuesday, started off slow. An hour before opening, there were no customers, the sandwiches were not selling, and a few people were only purchasing Munch Packs (one-piece chicken meals). By twelve, there was a line, and the sandwiches were going at a fast rate. The Cruncher and Zinger are usually served as a Combo (one regular side and a drink), Up-sized (large side order and drink), or with a Big Box Meal (drink, and two or three regular sides). The big box meal is hardly ever popular here, even Trini's have their limit to spending money on Fast-Food.

The most popular KFC deals are the Snack Pack (two-piece meal) which is popular with Primary and Secondary school children, women, and elderly. For the more active elderly, the Munch Pack is more popular. The Kids Pack is asked for by kids four years to eight years, and toy collectors. The sandwiches are popular with foreigners, import labour, Coast Guard and Halliburton workers. The Dinner Special is hugely popular with Army, Police, Coast Guard, Halliburton workers, Oil Workers, Transport drivers, Tall large and burly men (with an extra fries and Corn or cole Slaw) and grandfathers. The five piece meal is great with families and discerning mothers. The 8,10,12 pieces are popular with beach-limers, huge Indian Family limes and Down the Islanders. The 15 and 21 piece are hardly sold. I probably saw them being sold once or twice.

On Tuesday we sold many 5-piece specials, and Dinner Meals.

You know I never spoke much on the difference between Spicy and Original Chicken. These are most important. The Original is usually prepared in Pressure cooker-like pots with sealed lids, the flavour goes into the chicken which makes it so delish. The Spicy is prepared in open fry pots. Its just different preparation methods. I like the Original better, but only in the leg piece.

So why did Tuesday become a teenager? For one reason: There was a domestic situation that played itself out into the restaurant. A female customer came into KFC looking quite flustered, she had a difficult time choosing her options, but eventually settled on a dinner meal. Most times I keep myself busy so I made my rounds. Eventually I was hailed to prepare a Cruncher for a customer. I then heard a gasp from one of my colleagues and looked up only to see a tall man, grab  the yellow pail of soapy/chemical water and dump all of its contents on the feasting and visually-satisfied-now-shocked female customer. The water drenched the customer to the skin and and on the table, the soapy/chemical water went into her box of chicken, and her drink. Soap bubbles were visible on her hair,  her eyes were wide with shock, her face and arms were slick with the soapy water, her hobo-inspired purse...wet. The whole place was dead silent for a few seconds. Her moist eyelashes dripped with the cloudy/soap bubbles of the dash. All eyes were on her. And her eyes were on all. She was at a loss for words...and we were at a loss for laughs. I packaged the finished sandwich and gave it to the cashier, who then gave it to the customer who was looking at the slick looking customer, her eyes wide with shock and embarrassment, her pink mouth in an 'O' formation, burst bubbles in her short hair, and her pink jersey now stuck to her skin showing her bra print-out. The security guard, as usual, did nothing. He simply sat there. The man who did the dastardly deed was no where to be found. He was tall and dark with glasses and a white polo shirt. It did not seem that he was one of the diners. He simply saw an opportunity and took it. The Manager proceeded to give out instructions, and F, the deaf employee mouthed, "Call the police". There were some smiles, some shock, some laughs and indignation. The wet female customer left in seconds, going after the guy. I don't know what happened next...


That reminded me of an experience a friend told me while he worked at Unit Trust. He said a man and a woman had a fight out on the Brian Lara Promenade. And the male had the female in a choke hold. He said the female took hold of the male's most important member and squeezed the living daylights out of it. His choke-hold loosened and he screamed like a little girl. But she never stopped, she squeezed and squeezed until he knelt down...the watching public was in stitches.

Life in the Caribbean has its ups and downs, but what I have noticed is that here in Trinidad, life is never short of adventure of some sort.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just For Laughs....

I found an excellent YOUTUBE video with hilarious pranks with even funnier reactions. The show is called Just For Laughs and I believe it is a British show. Here is a clip:

Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Before I forget

In 2007, I did an illustration of Seal and Heidi Samuel (yep that is Seal's surname) in New York City, but I never got to use it. So its on display here.

And don't forget, if you do want yourself illustrated, contact me by email! Enjoy!

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

New Views

This is the project I am still working on. It is what I call a Semi-Pyramid Modern Contemporary home. There are stairs that lead straight to the beach. They are in the midst of trees. (I love stairs and trees, there is such an ethereal feeling, but it can also be dark. I still have to do a jetty for it, it will just take time. As you can see there is transport by helicopter, then there is a main wooden gate entrance. And for a little thrill I put an infinity pool at the entrance.

Here are the features:
Two guest rooms, one of them with two beds
Three bedrooms
One master suite
Wash/Restroom (to save space upstairs)
Two bathrooms
Living Room
Kitchen/Dining Room with children's (activity) table
T.V. Room
Infinity Pool

That is all I have for now, but if I get the fancy, I will try to put another bedroom somewhere. What I forgot, was water storage, however, the whole set up should be run by Solar Energy.

Materials: A little sketchy, but the true beauty lies in natural/quarry stone, wood, concrete, red brick, aluminum, steel (mainly for foundation and structure), granite(?)

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


From Friday 8th July 2011 to Sunday 10th July 2011 was my district Convention, plus I volunteered so I was busy. 

In addition, I have decided to close my FB (Facebook) account, it is not officially closed as yet, since the FB admin is so very generous to wait 14 days to see if I really want to 'divorce' them. Turns out they have a lot more red-tape to reactivate after you have stated that you want to deactivate your account. I can't help myself, I was a super FB 'Weed' Addict. I would 'smoke' it in the morning, 'smoke' it in the night, 'smoke' it whole weekend too! It was too much, especially when my friends would meet me and say, 'Girl, you are always on FB'. I just did not want to be known as Lisa Marie the FB 'Junkie'. So there...but then like Anita Baker's song, 'Caught up in the Rapture of Love', a former schoolmate of mine is getting married, and guess where I got the invitation? Facebook! I got all the details, plus to bring something to drink....and wear white. I am even wondering where I can begin to find a white outfit in an 'elegantly casual style'. I am stocky and thick, so it would be wise to start looking from now...The only problem is...I have 14 days to rethink my deactivation of FB decision.

Back to work at my favourite joint. I can't say how pleased I am to be there, everyday is an adventure.

I am glad to finally return home to one of my current projects, a Semi-Pyramid Home on the top of a hill done in Google Sketchup (I tell yah! This software Rocks!!). I have been going at it for about 2 to 3 months now, and I am ready to kick the bucket and start something else, on the other hand I am anxious to see the finished product. The Master Suite was completed last week, and this week I have two bedrooms, a restroom and a laundry area to start. Hopefully, the project is completed by month-end. Have a look! 

In due time, you would be able to see the finished home.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let CafféLatté Magazine Illustrate you!

Hey Folks do you like my Illustrations? Well, for this month of July FIVE (5) Photos would be chosen to be illustrated for free! Simply send a picture of you or you and your significant other/friend/child and I will illustrate you!
Only up to two people per print. The artist will not do nudes, or 'runchy' shots. The pic provided should be no less than 4 x 6 inches @ 150 dpi. Finally, it must be clear and sharp. Please provide your email address for your finished product delivery. Permission must be given to publish on blog:

You will receive a 300 dpi picture by email in Hi-Res JPEG format. It would have my exclusive signature and the authentic CafféLatté Magazine logo.

Send your photos to Or, click the contact me on my profile page.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Illustration LMB

Its a new look, with my Afro. I did not want to go extensively on the details, so I kept it nice and simple. Enjoy!

Oh, click on the link for a larger version.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Sleeping

If you want to make things lighter look at my zany pictures to make you laugh. I took them during the day sometime ago with some crazy make up. Enjoy!

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Monday, July 4, 2011

After the Red Bull Flutag Debacle

First of all, Congrats to Digicel's OBI WANTED RED BULL! Your skit was hilarious and you won, great fun.

KFC in the area, not so much fun. Today, I went to work not knowing what to expect. With RB FLUTAG in full swing on Sunday 3rd of July, I  was a bit apprehensive on how my fellow work-mates would fare this morning. If I could take a cue from the 2nd to last public holiday on May 30th 2011, I would say it might have been ten times worse.

Lets revisit May 10th 2011 shall we:

It was going to be the first time I had ever worked on a public holiday. Usually, we would get up in the morning at 6am, and head to Maracas Beach, in that way, we get our parking spot, liming spot and swimming spot. This time I had to work, fourth week into the job. I left early...on "Trini Time" (which means I left late), to get a taxi to take me to work. Fortunately, I got there fifteen minutes early. As I walked up to the entrance, I noticed that there were little groups of people milling around, some sad, some tired, some laughing, some faces. A lady stopped me in mid-entrance, "Hello, Hello what time y'll does open?", I replied at ten o'clock. "Buh whappon! Yuh doh see hungry people here ahwah!?" Translation: "What is happening? Don't you see that there are starving people here?" I smiled and knocked on the glass door. It was opened, and I went in.

Fifteen minutes came quickly, and soon there was a rowdy crowd of people in-front of the cashiers. Within, 10 mins all the chicken pieces were gone, and the fries pot was in full swing. hardly any of the customers wanted buttery corn, marinated cole slaw, and steaming mashed potatoes and gravy. They all wanted French fries.and each 12-piece combo entitled each customer to six side-orders, a two liter Pepsi, some paper boats, condiments cups, drinking cups, forks, napkins, etc. Some customers ordered three 12-piece combos. Which meant that other customers or they themselves had to wait 3 mins and 15 seconds for another batch of fries, which meant, that I became a machine:

tear top of frozen fries plastic bag
dump fries into basket
put basket into hot fat
press timer
go to fry bin
salt fries
scoop the hot salted fries
(insert occasional burn)
prepare sandwiches Cruncher or Zinger
return to the fries stove
take off timer
dump fries into heated fries bin
return baskets
go to the freezer
tear top of frozen fries plastic bag

Sometimes, my mental circuitry would got all hot and start to spark, and I would forget to turn on the timer for the fries, or forget to salt the fries, or mix up the sandwich order. Eventually, the newbies came, and although things were less hectic, my brain still could not fathom 1+1 or 2+2. I was forced to become automated. And, I stayed in an auto mode, never leaving to pee, for fear of breaking up the momentum. The entire staff, worked non-stop from 10am till I left, out of exhaustion, dizziness and shortness of breath at 4pm. By 3:00pm, mistakes started to occur, and tempers were flared, folks started fussing in the kitchen.

The customers were no better. Impatient, people started quarreling with the cashiers, customers who were served, came for more, unsure people asked questions that were already answered right before their very eyes. They asked questions like, "How much for the 15-piece combo? Why can't I get chips with that? Is only chicken yuh getting?" One of the employees who refilled the condiments section complained that people were emptying the ketchup and pepper pumps. Eventually, the pumps themselves stopped working and she had to clean the pumps and get them working again, before they again,stopped working, and customers complained about the lack of pepper and ketchup.

The employees who prepared the chicken pieces, began to burn out early because after a certain amount of chicken that is fried in the pots, the shortening/fat must be cleaned and sanitized along with the pot itself, for a new batch of chicken pieces. They too were also in automated mode and they were even more tired with each passing hour. When I logged out at 4pm, there was still a long line, and one of the new cashiers grew very frustrated and the Manager had to step in for him, he complained of headaches.

Back to FLUTAG

This morning, I came to work, and saw only three people in the kitchen area. I asked for the others and was told that they were very tired from the day before. I found out that they ran out of chicken completely, the Area manager had to bring more crates of chicken and customers were served sandwiches outside. One of the employees who came with the Area manager, said that when she came to the restaurant, the people out side were grabbing at her, and yelling, she stated that she just wanted to do a 180 degrees and return home, but they had brought crates of chicken and had only reached the restaurant an hour before closing time.

There were also tales of extreme traveling to get to the workplace. One employee walked about 3 to 5 miles before he was picked up by the Area Manager. Three employees from another branch walked for approximately two to three hours before they got to work. There were many reports of people getting robbed in their vehicles as they 'lined up' in traffic to attend the Flutag. One branch, hardly had anyone at work on that day, as their employees could not get a taxi to take them to work. One employee was picked up by an Army truck and so was able to open the restaurant. Me? It was my day off, and I rested to recover from my relentless asthma attacks from the week before, plus I was fully drugged.

Later one fellow employee joked that had I come to work yesterday, I would had had to take my asthmatic self and walk home. We both laughed.

When I returned to work, I simply cleaned and sanitized my area and did the fries. When I felt my chest heaving and my lungs complaining, I took a small break of about two mins, and started again. Its the most I can do for now, until better can be done.

Finally, I really enjoy blogging about my activities working in a fast-food restaurant. Somehow, it is like a curious adventure of a new experience, working at a job that is frowned upon various sectors of society, but to the men and women who work here, it is a combination of a few factors: a way to keep our heads above water, a way to be self-reliant, a way to exercise our freedom of right to live, a way to care for our families, or ourselves...or a means to an end.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

p.s. I have to get beck to illustrations, I simply do not have the time...