Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review: Trinidad & Tobago Heritage- Drawings of the Islands' Past by Gerald G. Watterson

This book reached out and touched me, so to speak. I have a weakness for old homes, and we have so many of them with character here, it is truly heartbreaking to see them go the way of the Dodo bird. So, while I was doing my part to document them, one guy already did his part years ago, to preserve them by drawings.

This 145 page book, in full black and white drawing is a sight for wet eyes. The Author, has managed to capture the many fine details that showcases the exceptional talent of the architects and builders of these homes.

Unfortunately, some of them were destroyed to make way for progress and car parks. It is my belief that at least one copy of this book should be in each school library, so that young people' s eyes are opened to the treasure trove of history that they pass everyday on their way to school.

Long standing book stores still sell these books, and some of the newer ones. You can find it in Amazon at this link: Trinidad & Tobago Heritage: Drawings of the Island's Past

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