Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yesterday, I moved around with my boss to shoot footage for an ad for a new wholesale/retail company in Aranguez. We mostly utilized a variety of movie flow options for the area and the products, so far so good. I am looking forward to the finished product, which sadly, I could not contribute to, however, I am doing the public relations photography tomorrow.

Last Week, I had the opportunity to cover an event at the Queens Hall in St. Anns. The title of the function was the Queens Hall Client Appreciation and Excellence in Journalism Awards.

Chairman of Queens Hall, Dr.Helmer Hilwig gave a very direct and animated speech on the state of Journalism in Trinidad and Tobago. Dutch by birth, and a doctor, who also has experience in the medical field, is very passionate about theatre having been exposed to it from quite young. He asked the audience why is is that the media does not have a page for theatre in the newspapers? He continued that The New York Times has it, and so do many other media powerhouses around the world. He showed the audience samples of local newspaper clippings, of local events in full colour, "Why are these not front-page news, why must we see the picture of a bandit/rapist (italics ours) with his head covered by a t-shirt?" He even gave free suggestions on how to encourage theatre in Trinidad and Tobago, when he was done, there was a rousing applause, especially from Anne Hilton one of the Awardees and local Columnist. Without furthur ado I have added pics to put up details later.

There were three remarkable posthumous journalist Awardees: Keith Smith, former Editor-At-Large at the Trinidad Express (and one of my favourite Editors ever!), Allison Hennessy, and Terry Joseph. And the three currently living journalists who were in attendance to receive their Awards: Anne Hilton, Peter Ray Blood and Wayne Bowman. Mr. Caldeo Sookram, who was also a recipient of a Journalism award was not in attendance. The Honourable Winston Peters, Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism was represented by Ms. Jennifer Jones.

Carol La Chapelle greets a fellow guest

Ms. Yvonne Roberts-White and Dr. Helmer Hilwig

Love the Fashion!

From L-R: Sheelagh Besson (Allison Hennessy), Anne Hilton, Dr. Helmer Hilwig, Ms.Jennifer Jones, 
Louis Questel (Keith Smith), Peter Ray Blood, Wayne Bowman, Giselle Joseph (Terry Joseph)

Jah Jah and Sons (Thanks Mary-Ann)

Peter Ray Blood, his daughter, and Natacha Jones

Love the outfit on the right.

Anne Hilton

Paul Keens-Douglas and Guest

Dr. Helmer Hilwig

Decor and Lighting

Awards Presented

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte


  1. Very Nice!!!!Congratulations to the Winners I know them well and i am very happy for them. To my friends Jah Jah and sons, nice to see you.

    Lisa...keep up the great work, I look forward to more!!!!!I DO ENJOY READING YOUR ARTICLES.

  2. Thanks Mary! Jah Jah and Sons were their names? Ok. I really want a CD from them, unfortunately, I don't know where I can find them. If you do drop me a line. And thank you for your comment!