Saturday, February 5, 2011

CafféLatté Magazine and a discussion on Art and Invitation

This week, I designed an invitation and a certificate for a company, they loved it, so I am waiting to hear of the changes they want to do to it. They requested three versions, and I thought, how am I going to come up with three versions of an invitation design? It was a challenge, and I got my head together and I must say I was impressed myself.

Picasso - The Three Musicians
There is a reason why its called Freelancing, because you are truly free to implement the designs according to the client's tastes and a few feathers of your design style. However I would love to get a design job where the client says,"Give me a design where Picasso and Van Gogh are having Merlot in the house that Wright designed, some perspective." That will be very challenging indeed.

One time, I did a piece of art and Professor D'Agostino said, "Have you heard of Marc Chagall?" I responded, "Nope," but in my head, I thought I might of heard of a bottle of wine with the same name. On the lower left, you can see a sample of his work, actually, this is the one that the professor showed to me, and I was a bit lost for words. Looking back, I kind of like it. I also think Chagall really loved cows, its like they are supposed to remind him of his childhood, or his life as a Jewish artist. He used them alot in his art.

Marc Chagall
I still have the original pieces of that art somewhere, I put them away so that they can debut on the walls of my new home. Coming to think of it, I kept the majority of my art pieces from the age of 13 years, unfortunately, I had to throw away some due to mould, but I kept the most of my favorites. That frame shop will make a mint off of me, either that, or I will have to learn how to make picture frames for my art.

My dream is to leave this country, and return more energized in the world of Art, because it really is my first love, and I feel there is still more to learn.

Laurelton Hall
When I first went to the MET, I fell in love with the Louis Comfort Tiffany Exhibition. There, I saw the famed Magnolia windows. The pics at that link does not do justice, the Magnolias, in the windows actually had this 3D effect to them that when the rain fell, they probably caught the water beautifully. You must Google the Daffodil Terrace which is remade in the Met Museum. You know what, Google Laurelton Hall you would cry. All the flowers were created using a type of leaded glass.

Art is a gift that cannot die. I feel so hurt when it is stolen, probably sold on the Black Market to a private buyer, who just wants it for his own personal viewing. It would be just fine if it can be shared with the world and in particular shared with the young generation whose sponge-like minds soak up the essence of imagination and reality.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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