Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CafféLatté Magazine's 5 Fantastic Movies and Soundtracks

We all love movies, and there are many to satisfy all types of movie lovers. Have you ever tried to read the credits after a movie? I do, just to see how much people are involved. Well you know the answer, a lot of folks. I estimate between 100 to 300 people are involved in making a single movie. I mean, there is the location, equipment, extras, makeup, set designers, special effects, engineers, carpenters, proof readers, blueprints, writers, etc. 

After I watch a movie, I always wonder what you would you do if you worked on a movie and your name is one of many in the small fonts coming to the end of the credits? My favorite part of a movie is when it is mentioned that, "No animals were harmed in the making of this movie". Or, "The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental." I decided to find out why this is said, because the Na'vi does not exist, and I can't remotely imagine some bloke going after the makers of Avatar claiming that one the Na'vi characters looks like his mother. 

And then there are the stylists. For instance, in Black Swan, instead of Natalie Portman's stylist, it is "Stylist to Ms. Portman", and then the person's name. I am sorry I did not get that info. So, the credits are just as important as the movie. What is really cool about movies are the Extras/ non-speaking part. It's not really glamorous, given the fact that the pay is not so great. Extra gigs average about $64.00 (USD) per day. And that is a non-union payment. Its like working at a fast-food restaurant. They don't pay you like you are important, but you are. Now, I am not daft, but I am surprised that unions hold so much power. I thought that unions here in Trinidad are so petty, like protesting for 9% more and pounding in the hot sun and rain for it. I mean if you must protest for an increase it has to be for something substantial, like, eradicating racism, like civil rights, or justice, or utilities, or even a 50% wage increase? Anyway, who really benefits from these protests? Sometimes the protestors get fired after everything cools down. Without further ado, CafféLatté Magazine's 5 Fantastic Movies and Soundtracks.

Director: James Cameron
Producer: Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Theme Song: I See You
Song Writer(s): James Horner, Simon Franglen, Kuk Harrell 
Song Composer(s): James Horner, Simon Franglen
Singer: Lenoa Lewis
You know there are some songs that no one else should sing, let alone karaoke, this is one of them. Considering this video is a karaoke version, it has cancelled my previous sentence. Leona Lewis has a beautiful voice and her feeling and power in this song cannot be copied.

Director: James Cameron
Producer: James Cameron, Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Theme Song: My Heart Will Go On
Song Writer(s): James Horner (music), Simon Franglen, James Horner and Walter Afanasief(production), Will Jennings (lyrics),  
Song Composer(s): James Horner, Will Jennings
Singer: Celine Dion
Best person to sing this song is Celine Dion. No contest.

Director(s): Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Producer: Don Hahn
Writer(s): Jonathan Roberts, Irene Mecchi
Theme Song: Circle of Life/ Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Song Writer(s): Elton John/ Tim Rice
Song Composer(s): Elton John, Tim Rice
Singer(s): Carmen Twillie, Lebohang "Lebo M." Morake, Elton John, London Community Gospel Choir
I had to put this here, the whole soundtrack is fantastically written.

Director(s): James Schamus, Wang Hui Ling
Producer: Ang Lee, Hsu Li Kong, William Kong
Writer(s): Hui-Ling wang, Du Lu Wang
Theme Song: A Love Before Time
Song Writer(s): James Schamus, Elaine Chow
Song Composer(s): Jorge Calandrelli, Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma
Singer(s): Coco Lee 
When I first watched this movie, I was irritated with the bamboo flying scene, it was just too much, but it all added to the masterpiece of the movie. Where is Zhang Ziyi now? And Chow Yun-Fat?

Director(s): Francis Ford Coppola
Producer: Albert S. Ruddy/(Robert Evans)
Writer(s): Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
Theme Song: Speak Softly love
Song Writer(s): Larry Kusik
Song Composer(s): Nino Rota
Singer(s): Original singer Al Martino

The thing about "Il Padrino", is that there are some versions of the original soundtrack, that is so Sicilian that you can never tear yourself away from it. Its like you can taste taste the cannoli, and the olive oil and even the murder. It is really a piece of art, no, it is possibly the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard. Seriously, it makes you forget all the murder that you saw in the movie. In addition, it actually puts a classy spin on gang violence…way different than rap music.

Director(s): Chris Columbus
Producer(s): Chris Columbus, Gail Katz, Michael Barnathan, Neal Miller, Laurence Mark
Writer(s): Isaac Asimov, Nicholas Kazan, Robert Silverberg
Theme Song: Then You Look At Me
Song Writer(s): James Horner
Song Composer(s): James Horner
Singer(s): Celine Dion
Robin Williams as a robot. I liked that he can only do hilarious talk antics, and not physical antics. Well written movie.

 p.s: Do not be so dumb to think I am claiming copyright for these movies.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amazing Creative Stuff on Youtube

Young people don't need to turn to crime to prove a point, they can get creative. Today, I have some videos that can possibly jolt your creative drive. These folks did some really great work, some as a team and others by themselves. Its remarkable what hard work can accomplish. These are here, because they have received the CafféLatté Magazine© Must See 'Cause It's Completely Awesome stamp!

Amazing Bottle Cap Poker Table
If a team of you and your best buddies can cometogether and do something like this, you are friends for life!

Resin Jewelry-July
There are countless resin jewlery artists on Youtube, but this one is simply beautiful and almost glasslike.

Beer Bottle Glass Concrete Counter Top
This is something I would not mind having. It is eye-catchingly unique and looks so simple, but i am guessing it would take hours of polishing to get this sheen. A very good conversation starter that will not end.

LZF Hand Made
When I first saw them I was in love.

Carol Z's Recycled Bottle Lites
Children would love to own these. Kayakkurt also gives you a little shot on how to bore a hole into glass bottles, remarkable stuff!

Trees, Trees, Trees
Artistic Welding, and you learn a bit about metals and customizing them to your taste.

Concrete Bar With a river of Fiberoptic Sideglow Lighting

Fiber Optic cables are pretty versatile, but they are also expensive, when they are used for art, the results are beautiful. Hardtopix's work would really fit in with a Contemporary designed home, and of course for a bar.

Recycled Bottle Lamps
Instead of having to buy a lava lamp, you can make these! One of each colour please thank you.

If these don't get you to the drawing board, keep scanning the internet you may find something really remarkable!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Greatest Movie Regret

Is not going to see Red Tails. As a black woman, I find it horrible that I did not even make an effort to show some appreciation. Its either one of many things: my inner chemistry against/for either Terrence Howard or Cuba Gooding Jr., the reaction of the general public towards an all black cast, the complaint of George Lucas when he said he had to foot the majority of the bill. ARGH! I consider myself a movie novice, I love movies, and yet I did not give this one a chance. Some of my friends who saw it said it was fantastic. I am so sorry guys my heart hurts, because I know you all put your heart and soul into this and I did not appreciate it. So I will say thank you, for having the guts to star in it, and keep those chins up in Hollywood. :-)


Monday, February 20, 2012


We are having a long weekend due to Carnival! However, I used this opportunity to finish the last three homes. Hooray!

The Tropical Family Cave

The Executive Sanctuary

The Brooklyn Influence

The second home was shown before, I simply have the back being shown. In the top picture, Tropical Family Cave, there are two vehicles I did not design. The red one does not have a name, but the suv was done by BmrCT, it was a different colour but I did it in yellow it can be found in Google Sketchup©.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Parents and Children

Shutting out the little Ones
I will comment on two interesting news, because it is something that is becoming prevalent wherever we go. Yesterday, I went to the cinema to see Chronicle (which was really good! 7.5 stars out of 10!), it was a last minute invitation, and so we went for the 9:00pm movie. The movie ended at 11:30pm. Would you believe that we saw a mother a father and a baby? That's right a baby! I am not one to mind other peoples business and say, "They should..." Its funny because Chronicle is clearly not a movie for babies, or toddlers. I don't remember hearing the baby, so I guess the baby is deaf or something... Last year, I believe, we went to see another action movie and there was a screaming baby in the cinema, the movie was pretty loud and so was the baby, and never once did the mother leave and take the child out of the cinema, I paid $45 TTD ($7.14 USD), to hear a screaming pink baby ruin my experience. Cinema owners, DO NOT sell your tickets or have your ushers allow people with babies into the cinema! This was one of the reasons I stopped going to see animation in cinema. There are the crying children, and the spilled drinks and the thrown popcorn and, "Mommy I wanna pee." And the "Mommy, tell David to stop hitting me."

The subheading above is all mine. It is a brief article on a pizzeria's stand on having parents with children, exit the restaurant until their little ones stop misbehaving. I say, "Agreed!" Buying restaurant food is no longer something you can do on a whim, with prices of ingredients increasing, eating out is almost becoming a restaurant luxury service, and with tips and the quality of food involved, the customer has not only become king, he has become a necessity to keep these businesses from closing down. I have never had any experiences with 'feral children' in restaurants, but I have had experiences with them on busses and in NYC, subway trains. In my experience, the subways are the most dangerous. One day, I witnessed a group of three girls beating another girl, and one of the bullies were trying to throw the victim onto the train tracks, it was frightening. When some of the other passengers saw what was happening, they ran to the victims' aid, I mean, these girls were so strong that the five guys were struggling the part them, relief came only when the train conductor called the police and the NYPD showed up and took action. One of the two girls who were watching the fight, threw the victims' bag onto the tracks.

Here its a bit different. On the PTSC buses to San Fernando and Chaguanas, there is a plain clothes police to restore order, especially after secondary and primary school classes have ended. I did not observe any on the buses to Diego Martin and Petit Valley, to me they needed at least two plain clothes police officers, the children in these buses are wild. Makes me think twice about having children.

A son who is worse than Doomsday and acts as though he eats kryptonite for breakfast...

Seriously, your own mother??? The woman who gave birth to you, ate all the right stuff to breast feed you, and send you to school!?.... I will bet, that she wished that when you were born, she had a premonition that you would treat her like this and squash your little noggin while you were coming out of her, and export your body to China so that they would use you as fertilizer. You are so cold that you can be the next planet Pluto. Wow. I really can't understand how you can do this? Do you even know what its like to have a mother? Shame.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to Art

For a while.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Decisions and Implementations

Implementation is a very valuable word in this here country... the media especially uses it as a word of high regard, so I am hoping that you fine folks read this essay with an expeditiousness only unparalleled by the the book, 'the Great Gatsby'...

 ...sorry to end your violin segment, my boss just gave me something...

I ain't gonna lie, straight hair is one of the most glamorous things you can see in shampoo and conditioner advertisements. The way how the full glossy strands move in unity to hold your gaze for just a little while your hands reach out to... touch what you don't really have...

(Entering the hair-crack/relaxer story and the bright bulb idea to go natural.) 

Lets just say I needed to save money, and my scalp from the chemical beating that I have subjected my head to since the age of 12 years. I have had a variety of styles: dry curl, S-curl, jheri-curl (never liked it), relaxer, braided, weaves, texturized, bleached red-head, bleached-blonde, jet black, crisscrossed corn-rows, lately a long, human hair wig and now, an afro. Most of the hair styling was done by my mother who trained in England to be a hair-dresser. And although she is a nurse now, I will continue to let her do my hair when she feels like it. She is the only hairdresser I would allow on my head at will. In the past, I have had a few other great hairdressers: Roxanne, Pajotte and Adolphus.

I am going all-natural, growing my hair, though, it is not easy. My hair was made light, straight and soft by chemicals for more than half my life, returning to my coiled natural reminds me exactly why I went to chemicals in the first place. With the change 'back to the past', I hope that I can take the challenge of effectively styling my hair, which has taken on an almost rebellious stance, textural-wise. It is dense, thick and my normal conditioners no longer do the trick of keeping my hair soft. I am now purchasing oils like shea Butter, and looking up for products that has shea butter as its main ingredient. I am glad that hot-combs, curlers and relaxers are a thing of the past. For the future, more large combs and brushes may be needed, also I hope I can find more natural products, oils, pomades and conditioners for my hair, as a result, I hope that this can also lead to better skin. 

I was born with Atopic Eczema, so my skin has a tendency of breaking out and getting scaly. No, its not contagious, it is an early indication of asthma, and steroid creams are almost the only effective defense against it. While I dream of being a dark brown, bronzed all-natural woman, I have to work on that dream, and it will take a while. I have changed my diet to include more cereals, fruits and less sugar, although I love my skittles and gummy bears! Its been two months and so far my skin has taken on a different texture, but I still get the breakouts. So next month will be focused on my eczema.

What are you doing to improve your health?


Bigger Hair

There is a new section coming out in CafféLatté Magazine© called The AFRO Chronicle. It seems soon I will have to enlist contributors, there are so many sections... on a second thought maybe...

This is what the heading would look like, I tried a photoshop version, of the sub-heading graphic. I think I should put some more detail on the face, give it some dimension. Here comes the procrastination part: "I will do it later!"


Monday, February 13, 2012


Lately, I was working on three (3) Sketchup homes concurrently, and it became a bit tiring. But I am glad to say that I finished one of the three.

The idea for this home came to me when I was booked for a PR event. Usually, I am very nervous before the any PR event, because I want to make a good impression and be as professional as ever. The thing is, I don't really like to be booked to meet new people, but I must, so that I can make a living. You know there are those jobs that helps you to quietly make a living, that is what I love, its what I thrive in, its the only thing that helps me to think effectively and creatively, hence, I love Graphic Design. Unfortunately, I have to meet people and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, while I am so nervous I could pass out. I feel to run whenever I see video cameras, I hate them.

Anyway, the name of this house is called, The Executive Sanctuary. It is a three-story city home with an indoor pool, living room, kitchen and breakfast/dinner nook, lots of storage, parking for one car, one and a half baths, two bedrooms and an outside dining area. As with all my other designs, it has an lots of windows for air and light, so that you will not burn electricity on a regular basis, and it is very private. The colours were really simple, shades of blue and white, with a few "accents." I am yet to meet a flamboyantly colourful business man/woman, who likes to come home to a super colourful house!

This house, is one of my more organized ones, I love the bathroom layout especially. This home would be particularly suitable on a piece of property I saw on Dundonald Street.



is a break for me... Enjoy the pic!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Life is Important

Today I was reading up on some info.

Lately, I have been having some pain in my breast, mostly on my right breast, I am a bit scared but eventually I will have to take a breast exam, I have already taken a physical self-exam, and I don't feel any lump or anything, but I do feel some pain. I assume its from the bone in the bra, or the share weight of the breast. If anything I will keep you posted.

Today, I found a website of an organization. The photographer takes photos of women who bare all their scars from the surgery to rid themselves of breast cancer. As a result you can see the fight they put up with just to survive, I can't imagine the painful healing that they must have had to endure. Just a little note: Your breasts are a very sensitive organ, with it, you are stimulated sexually, and they also function as a means of delivering one of the most nutritious liquid ever created: Breast milk. I can't even get started on how effective breast milk really is to growing children. In fact, I have observed that the healthiest children are the ones who drink only breast milk, as opposed to 'baby food'.... Ahhh another time for that, but you are going to have to wait a long time. The pics on the website are hauntingly beautiful, and several times I clutched my breast, thinking, 'What if'?  I think you should have a look, but only do it as a mature person, open your mind and just let the images speak to you.

The SCAR Project


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Squatters and Renters

Only recently, I found that local Trinis are beginning to see how beautiful this country is, before it was just wanton slash and burn. It began to look like this: You would see a piece of land or lush forest teeming with wildlife and birds, and in the next moment it would be gone and you would see a housing development or some sort of quarrying, and or a tower of garbage... and one or two or ten squatters... with chickens and cows.

Squatting goes like this: You see a piece of land, you build a small wooden shack. You expand the said shack and add a second piece. You add two more rooms and buy a washing machine, and a stove and a fridge. Electricity is obtained by stealing a live line. You also get a cell phone. You don't even bother to pay taxes on the land. You buy bricks to add a concrete structure, later. The land owner comes, sees you on their land, and they send the bailiff. During the shack building period, you have your wife/girlfriend/common-law/fiancee pop out 6 - 9 malnourished children, so that the public can pity you, just in case the landowner rightfully comes to 'invest' in their 'investment'. Good. This day is here. While the landowner watches, the chickens flutter and cluck in disapproval, the cows snort and moo, the children cower in fear, teary-eyed, their mother visibly distressed with child number ten, bawling for mercy and the father looking to fight the landowner, his shrill voice cussing in the hot blowing savannah air. You and ten other families watch as the bull dozer floor every single home, memories and documents, trampled in the mud. Reporters document the chaos, the smartly dressed newswoman flips her hair as she interviews you, your teeth some missing and some yellow, lips cracked from bawling at the landowner for claiming what is his. The landowner is then interviewed, his gold rolex with diamonds spark and sparkle. Your children watches him, their small bodies baking in the sun. His veneered teeth and moistened lips emphasizes 'th' and 'lawyer', he gestures your way and points at your children. "What do you expect me to do?" he shrugs. The operation takes about two hours, maybe less, then the landlord leaves in his air-conditioned SUV, while the 'Cat' cleans up the mess. You are now back to square one.


We have to move, it has become inevitable.  No, I am not squatting, I am renting. The landlord has been going into our apartment when we are not there. He is supposed to be repairing the tiled floor, however, he has been giving us problems with regards to parking and a host of other ills. So, unfortunately, its the best we can do. Our privacy has been in question. How do I know? He has been too familiar with us, and very controlling, something I saw before, but tried to deal with. We tried to have civilized discussions with him, but, he responded with insults and statements that are not true. In the end, I felt like he is weird, along with feeling that someone was constantly watching us all the time. So, we are moving. Don't feel sorry for me, I am not sad, just very indifferently pissed!

I am going to get ice cream.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Musical Interlude...

Earlier today I saw a friend's update on FB, it was a salsa dance number, with music done by Juan Luis Guerra. Now, I have a policy among my friends that I don't really want a romantic bone in my body, its there but I want to focus on other stuff, (between you and I, things will be kept in place...until). However, something about Guerra is special, almost a genuine love, but its not rough, its not 'trippy', its almost hopeful, especially when he is slow and calm, just singing his song.

Now this piece is called Bachata en Fukuoka. It also features an interracial couple dancing the bachata, "a style of dance originated in the Dominican Republic"(Wikipedia). The word Fukuoka is the name of a city in Japan. So my guess is the name of the song is: Dance in Fukuoka. I think it sounds more romantic in Spanish.

The song is really long and while I would love to post the lyrics, you can find them here. The video was directed by Simon Brand, I am so sorry I can't find the name of the couple. Enjoy the music!


Friday, February 3, 2012

The Help

"You is smart…"

I am not a sucker for movies that feature even a spot of racism. It is sometimes too much to bear, especially when you feel it has hit too close to home, that it pierces your heart, because you are being discriminated for something you cannot change…YOU.

Initially, I refused to see The Help, because I thought "meh, another movie featuring 'mammies' who do you-know-what, trying to start trouble in a modern world where, racism has reared its ugly head even higher." The name-calling for one will not stop.  All you have to do is read the comments in some on-line articles: monkey, watermelon, fried-chicken, angry black woman… it just goes on and on… So this movie, I won't even hear of it, or pay my money to see it…

I was wrong.

I love it. 

It was funny, intelligent, tactful, brave, and it opened your eyes to what African-American people, particularly the women, what they had to go through. My sis was convinced it was fictional, this is debatable for me. It seemed too good to be so real! The actresses Viola Davis, plays the 'main help,' who has to face the injustice done to her son as he dies on her couch in the living room, as well as taking care of little white kids, and caring for them, trying to be 'professional,' a mother-for-hire, to them. Octavia Spencer plays a 'sassy-mouth help' who has some really marvelous experiences, one of which causes a scandal… or almost. Bryce Dallas Howard is really brave to take on the role as a beautiful racist, who lies to manipulate the suburban wives in her town, and succeeds, sometimes. 

There were some parts of the movie that made me cry. The story of Constantine Jefferson, expertly played by the classy Cicely Tyson, was heartbreakingly rendered. It is one of the most,  heart-squeezing moment. And, the recanting of the story of Aibileen Clark's (Viola Davis) son. And when Aibileen, was fired from her last job, I felt like I was witnessing my mother, something about that made me think of my mom for some reason, and I burst into more tears. The most hilarious, is Minni Jackson's (Octavia Spencer) chocolate pie incident. As well as her reaction on seeing  Celia Foote's (Jessica Chastain) hubby, offering to assist her.

Emma Stone played the budding journalist, Skeeter Phelan, who finally gains a jerk boy friend, and loses him again, due to the book. I almost did not recognize her, it was a great role for her, but she still seemed a bit fake, as though I could see that she was acting. And I found that, I should not see it.

Movie was directed by Tate Taylor and written by Kathryn Stockett.

9 stars out of 10. (You made my cry, twice)

P.S. the inclusion of Medgar Evers was well done, although, he is almost forgotten since I really don't know much about him, but I was familiar with his name, and I don't know why. i will look him up.

And congrats to Ms. Davis and Ms. Spencer, you both deserved those awards!!