Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Week

And, I need a new car. And I will take donations to buy a new one, thanks!

For all of you vintage folks I have posted more pics. And it would be really great which of the posted pics you would want to see in colour.

Old Fish market in San Fernando.

Park Street in Port of Spain. From the looks of this picture, I believe we are looking at the Abercrombie Street intersection.

Scarborough in Tobago. I really like this pic, because it makes Tobago look like old Bahamas.

Street Market in Port of Spain. This could be Charlotte Street.

Frederick Street intersecting Marine Square. Notice the 'short' Salvatori Building on your right, and your Corner Store on your left, which is now occupied by Scotia Bank.

Salvatori Building. Word on the street is that it was designed by a Swedish Company. You can find this pic here.


  1. You know, if we really think of it, some of the trees that are standing in Port of Spain may actually be hundreds of years old.

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  3. Very Mesmerising.
    -Charra's St. James!