Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zombies Cannot Exist...

...In a world with a positive future. 

Have you ever wonder why the future is portrayed as something to be fearful of? Why is it that some books and movies intend to eradicate mankind? The most popular way these days is by zombies.

Some folks seem to be fascinated by them. I am more amused by the stage make-up and effects, and the acting of zombie actors in the movie, or TV series.  However, I have to admit, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. What I love about that show are the actors, and the direction, plus, it has a pretty solid plot. I love how it leads you to question yourself. Sometimes, I found myself thinking, "I wonder if Rick did the right thing?" and "That Shane is losing his marbles with every episode." 

I do not believe that there will be a Zombie Apocalypse. Why? It is simply not feasible. When you think of a Zombie Apocalypse, you think of fear, fear that you now have to live life wielding a machete, shot gun, and numerous other weapons, fear that with a bite, or scrape, or any physical contact with a zombie, will leave you questioning whether you will kill a beloved family member, and we all know what will happen if we don't…in fiction, that is. Zombie Apocalypse equals Fear. Fear of the Future.

In the 1950s, fear of the future was unheard of. They thought of a world of flying cars, and personal flying jet-packs and, never-ending skyscrapers. We are still waiting on the flying cars. However, it was a time of improvement, a time of looking forward to a glorious future… of flying stuff.

Today, we look forward to a future of living a zombie lifestyle. Such darkness and gloom wrought with violence and anarchy… Do you honestly want to live in a world like that? Your every waking and sleeping moment mired in fear of being caught by zombies? Some folks talk about the representation of zombies, meaning this commercialized and politicized world, ruled by the elite 1% who controls the majority of the riches around the world. The 'elite' who seeks to govern our very desires to acquire more things that they are selling. Fair enough… symbolically speaking. Reality speaking, we have a whole bunch of other problems to deal with, and I really do not want to raise our blood pressure to discuss them.

Tonight, a friend and I were discussing the zombie marketing that has sprung up almost overnight. Zombie survival gear, an architecturally designed zombie survival home, a psychiatrist discussing what makes a zombie, even giving the condition a name, Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome. Uh ok. I don't have the time to even explain that to you, but then there is Google. So Google it! It would be good to remember that when you are dead, you are in reality, non-existent you won't even know the difference between a brain and a tasty Wedding cake.

I want a bright future. A future where my race is not something of distrust and disgust, where I can get up refreshed and happy, where I can meet positive and happy people. A place where I have two working ears, and a life without sickness and injustice. Yes, a world where there is no fear… A Future of millions of happy and healthy children.

A Future of True Happiness.


Stalling again....

Sometime ago I started a piece of art... and yesterday I lost it... I can't believe that it happened, but that is technology for you.

Oh well! Stare at this until I can get something else.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Studying in NYC Pic

While I was in New York, Cali Cruz, a fellow student took a couple of pictures of me for one of our photo classes. Looking at myself then and now, I think I have aged as fine wine!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Moment and Interview

What better time to start the week than with an interview! On CafféLatté magazine, there will be a new feature called Your Moment & interview.  This is where I scour Trinidad & Tobago for some interesting folks who do interesting stuff and they love what they do.

This week, I "interviewed" Allenoel, who runs a blog called, For The Love of Dolls. She has one of the most unique hobbies in Trinidad and Tobago. I call it "Doll Crafting", but its better to hear what she has to say about it.

Q: Briefly, what is your blog name, and what does it mean.
A: My Blog name is For the Love of Dolls. The name reflects how I feel about my favorite pastime.

Q: What is your current state of mind right now?
A: My current state of mind: CALM
Allenoel's painted doll heads

Q: I see that you have three blogs, who/what influenced you to start blogging?
A: After, at least, eight years of reading other persons' opinions on a variety of topics, as well as learning and being inspired by information provided freely over the internet, I started my first blog in 2006. It was not topic-specific, but I felt comfortable expressing myself and not really caring if anyone else read my ramblings or not. I even had several private blogs that documented personal projects. These blogs were instrumental in helping me develop my interests and to direct my focus today.

Q: Your blog "For the love of dolls", is very interesting, how and when did you start your blog hobby, and what were your challenges?
A: I started collecting dolls in 1997, after a trip overseas, where I saw the variety that was available. Acquiring dolls that I like is a challenge, as they are mostly available online, from the USA, Canada and Japan. I have so many doll and art projects floating around my head that blogging about them seems to be the best method of recording and tracking my progress. Posting regularly is a challenge, as I am constantly editing my writing before publishing, which becomes tedious after a while. The thought of the time involved in downloading photos from my phone or camera, uploading and composing a post, editing, including links, etc., is sometimes daunting.

Q: Have you set any future goals for your doll craft?
A: Doll collecting does not seem to be popular in Trinidad, so I haven't given any thought to doing anything locally. I have joined several communities online, where I can ask questions and contribute, but mostly it is a personal pastime that I enjoy. It involves sewing, making and collecting miniatures and creating dioramas.
Allenoel also specializes in various hues of Dolls
Q: What would be the best event to happen in your life as a blogger?
A: Recently, I was mentioned on a popular doll blog.

Q: Apart from your creative blogging, what are your other hidden talents?
A: I can sew and I can carry a tune

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: I don't have a favorite movie, but I do enjoy movies that fall into any of the categories of action, adventure, crime, thriller, fantasy, mystery, drama or comedy. I have found that I am more interested in movies that feature my favorite actors.

Q: When you are working, what type of music do you listen to, and whom?
A: I have to be in a good mood to listen to music, I like all types, but favor techno, some soca, Latin American, some movie sountracks, some hip-hop, some disco, pop and some classical. There are too many artistes to mention.

Q: If you have a comment for CafféLatté magazine, what would it be?
A: I enjoy the variety of topics you publish and appreciate your sharing your personal experiences and feelings, while keeping it non-political.

Thank You Allenoel, and I can't wait to see more of your work in the future.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stalling for a moment

As I write this, I feel tired. The good thing about a blog is that you can input whatever, whenever and however you want. For me its a stress reliever. I did so much things this week, that I found that it has passed quickly. 

I have a friend in Trinidad and Tobago from Canada, so I am hoping to plan a lime for them before they return to their homeland for good. For those of you who don't understand what a lime is: A Lime is a local Trinidadian term, for a get-together, or party. Liming essentially means that you are not doing anything. What do we do on a lime? We go by a friend, sit in their gallery or patio and talk about anything. If you have a car, you pass by a friend, pick them up, and you go somewhere...anywhere. The best limes are spontaneous. The best limers are almost always drunk (ok, I am kidding). I know I said when we are liming, we are not doing anything...we do lots of things... I guess it means we are not working.

The atmosphere for a lime is usually light, for instance: two people speaking, another person intervenes, and then another, and another... before you know it there is a whole group of folks laughing, playing cards, drinking juice/wine/beer or eating Crix. A lime is usually inexpensive, food for limes can range from a glass of water, to several pizzas, fast foods, or pelau. 

Pelau, is a local creole one-pot meal that consists of rice, pigeon peas, chicken/pig tail/ox tail/goat/etc. The taste of Pelau is dependent on the cook. The best pelau comes from "goldies-oldies", meaning grandmothers, and elderly folks. I have tasted some fantastic pelau in my time, but I am not a fan anymore. One day, I had burnt pelau, on a beach lime... that sort of destroyed all my desire for it. However, pelau remains a staple of beach limes here. It is fantastic meal with tomatoes, a slice of avocado (local term: zaboca), and some lettuce. Don't forget hot pepper!

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Finished Community

Sometime ago, I posted an image of a layout for a modern suburban community named  Contemporary Gardens. Most of the designs do not have much yard space, this is due to the fact that in Trinidad and Tobago, owning your own home has remained a dream, and may keep being a dream for most non-homeowners, much to the delight of landlords. And, with the rise in the cost of building materials, homes have become smaller and more compact, thus the need for efficient space design in a multi-story layout.

Contemporary Gardens, is a unique community. Each of the homes have their own layout and furniture design. One home has a pool in the centre of it, another has a corner pool. One of the homes has a 'sun roof' that illuminates the stairs, and I believe two of the homes are one bedroom, which is ideal for singles and couples with a pet, but no children (these days it is a fad).

If possible, I will explain one or two of the homes. If you want, you can let me know which of the homes interest you.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Friday, November 11, 2011

Return to the Past Public Relations Photography this year

As a PR Photographer, I have been around town. From the orphanages in Belmont, to the corporate functions in San Fernando and environs. What I love about this type of photography are the places you get to see, and new products and services you are exposed to.

Today, I have posted some photos that I took at Queens Hall in St. Anns (I am really beginning to love theatre). These photos are of the Moscow Ballet on Ice Production that is presented by Eastman and Associates, and attended by members of various children's homes and organizations with the proceeds going to the Rainbow Foundation.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the details of the photos, so please look at them with extreme open-hearted enthusiasm.

P.S. No part of the wooden stage was harmed in the making of the ice platform (well none that I heard of anyway). 

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yesterday, I moved around with my boss to shoot footage for an ad for a new wholesale/retail company in Aranguez. We mostly utilized a variety of movie flow options for the area and the products, so far so good. I am looking forward to the finished product, which sadly, I could not contribute to, however, I am doing the public relations photography tomorrow.

Last Week, I had the opportunity to cover an event at the Queens Hall in St. Anns. The title of the function was the Queens Hall Client Appreciation and Excellence in Journalism Awards.

Chairman of Queens Hall, Dr.Helmer Hilwig gave a very direct and animated speech on the state of Journalism in Trinidad and Tobago. Dutch by birth, and a doctor, who also has experience in the medical field, is very passionate about theatre having been exposed to it from quite young. He asked the audience why is is that the media does not have a page for theatre in the newspapers? He continued that The New York Times has it, and so do many other media powerhouses around the world. He showed the audience samples of local newspaper clippings, of local events in full colour, "Why are these not front-page news, why must we see the picture of a bandit/rapist (italics ours) with his head covered by a t-shirt?" He even gave free suggestions on how to encourage theatre in Trinidad and Tobago, when he was done, there was a rousing applause, especially from Anne Hilton one of the Awardees and local Columnist. Without furthur ado I have added pics to put up details later.

There were three remarkable posthumous journalist Awardees: Keith Smith, former Editor-At-Large at the Trinidad Express (and one of my favourite Editors ever!), Allison Hennessy, and Terry Joseph. And the three currently living journalists who were in attendance to receive their Awards: Anne Hilton, Peter Ray Blood and Wayne Bowman. Mr. Caldeo Sookram, who was also a recipient of a Journalism award was not in attendance. The Honourable Winston Peters, Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism was represented by Ms. Jennifer Jones.

Carol La Chapelle greets a fellow guest

Ms. Yvonne Roberts-White and Dr. Helmer Hilwig

Love the Fashion!

From L-R: Sheelagh Besson (Allison Hennessy), Anne Hilton, Dr. Helmer Hilwig, Ms.Jennifer Jones, 
Louis Questel (Keith Smith), Peter Ray Blood, Wayne Bowman, Giselle Joseph (Terry Joseph)

Jah Jah and Sons (Thanks Mary-Ann)

Peter Ray Blood, his daughter, and Natacha Jones

Love the outfit on the right.

Anne Hilton

Paul Keens-Douglas and Guest

Dr. Helmer Hilwig

Decor and Lighting

Awards Presented

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little bit of this and that...

At this point I am booked until further it means that I had to organize my time into two jobs per day, and then some. So far so good, but I am very tired otherwise: 8 hours work, 6 hours extra, 5 hours sleep and the rest of the time for after hour public relations and essays, along with household chores and spending time with family. I have had some improvements and some running around organizing some gifts for the Happels. I will post pics of them after they are delivered.

What else is new? I met this guy, but nothing came out of it, and the aftermath is I feel really silly about it... but, I don't know if I am supposed to feel this way, so I am keeping myself real busy so that I can forget him. I am never really good around guys anyway, oh well, moving on....

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte