Friday, February 17, 2012

Parents and Children

Shutting out the little Ones
I will comment on two interesting news, because it is something that is becoming prevalent wherever we go. Yesterday, I went to the cinema to see Chronicle (which was really good! 7.5 stars out of 10!), it was a last minute invitation, and so we went for the 9:00pm movie. The movie ended at 11:30pm. Would you believe that we saw a mother a father and a baby? That's right a baby! I am not one to mind other peoples business and say, "They should..." Its funny because Chronicle is clearly not a movie for babies, or toddlers. I don't remember hearing the baby, so I guess the baby is deaf or something... Last year, I believe, we went to see another action movie and there was a screaming baby in the cinema, the movie was pretty loud and so was the baby, and never once did the mother leave and take the child out of the cinema, I paid $45 TTD ($7.14 USD), to hear a screaming pink baby ruin my experience. Cinema owners, DO NOT sell your tickets or have your ushers allow people with babies into the cinema! This was one of the reasons I stopped going to see animation in cinema. There are the crying children, and the spilled drinks and the thrown popcorn and, "Mommy I wanna pee." And the "Mommy, tell David to stop hitting me."

The subheading above is all mine. It is a brief article on a pizzeria's stand on having parents with children, exit the restaurant until their little ones stop misbehaving. I say, "Agreed!" Buying restaurant food is no longer something you can do on a whim, with prices of ingredients increasing, eating out is almost becoming a restaurant luxury service, and with tips and the quality of food involved, the customer has not only become king, he has become a necessity to keep these businesses from closing down. I have never had any experiences with 'feral children' in restaurants, but I have had experiences with them on busses and in NYC, subway trains. In my experience, the subways are the most dangerous. One day, I witnessed a group of three girls beating another girl, and one of the bullies were trying to throw the victim onto the train tracks, it was frightening. When some of the other passengers saw what was happening, they ran to the victims' aid, I mean, these girls were so strong that the five guys were struggling the part them, relief came only when the train conductor called the police and the NYPD showed up and took action. One of the two girls who were watching the fight, threw the victims' bag onto the tracks.

Here its a bit different. On the PTSC buses to San Fernando and Chaguanas, there is a plain clothes police to restore order, especially after secondary and primary school classes have ended. I did not observe any on the buses to Diego Martin and Petit Valley, to me they needed at least two plain clothes police officers, the children in these buses are wild. Makes me think twice about having children.

A son who is worse than Doomsday and acts as though he eats kryptonite for breakfast...

Seriously, your own mother??? The woman who gave birth to you, ate all the right stuff to breast feed you, and send you to school!?.... I will bet, that she wished that when you were born, she had a premonition that you would treat her like this and squash your little noggin while you were coming out of her, and export your body to China so that they would use you as fertilizer. You are so cold that you can be the next planet Pluto. Wow. I really can't understand how you can do this? Do you even know what its like to have a mother? Shame.


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