Monday, March 15, 2010

When the Competition also...

Wants a job. Today, I met an old friend. We spoke for a while, and he asked me about a job. After working by my dad for at least 12 years, I am simply known as, Lisa-Who-Will-Always-Work-For-Her-Daddy. So, it takes a bit of hum-drum to mention quite frankly, that I simply resigned from my father's business. Which I did mention to him. His eyes light up like "jackpot", and he suddenly asked, "Oh, well-um, do you think he is hiring anyone right now?"
"No, I don't know, you could try and ask him." I said
"Well, you know, I'm looking for a job, you know, graphic design...." he stumble-fumble to me.
"You know, (name witheld), you should give it a shot, at least try, see what he says."
"Ye, Yeh...ok, yeh."

When we parted, he asked me, "What software does he use, your dad?"
"Ok, then, I should send him an email or something?"
"No, call him first, then send him the email, or he will not read it."
He then mentioned that he uses CS3. After that we parted.

For a while I wondered, "Why should I care, its not like he could do anything for me?" Then I thought that its a nice gesture, to help someone. But I can't help thinking, "What if he gets MY job?" I still felt tied to my dad's business, however, and being home, is such a drab sometimes. after all, I did work there for 12 years.


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