Friday, March 5, 2010

2:30 AM Ideas

Despite the time on this post it is now 2:20 am in Trinidad and Tobago, and hot like hell. It is breezy, but hot breeze. Amazing.

I am watching 2012 on DVD. Many movies these days are out with the same theme, "End of the World, and watch smart people that you may never meet in your life get saved." I really like this movie somehow it was well thought out, and unrealistic. My favorite parts: Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost the radio announcer, the airplane barely making it out of California(?), and Yuri and the Bentley (advertising, I wondered how much they paid, love it). My most favourite part: the cinema audience's response to the airplane flight. Priceless. My most annoying part: John Cusack's character. I don't know, he seemed a bit uncomfortable at certain times, not because he almost died a million times throughout the movie, but I felt really weird watching him act. Most predictable Dr. Helmsley and the First Daughter, and the dorky-looking stepdad not making it alive. I like the movie, and the special effects are better on a large screen T.V.

What I REALLY hate, Houseflies. Going to get my flyswap!

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