Monday, March 8, 2010

5 ways, 4 of us can help each other, while 3 work fulltime, 2 can be managers under 1

I got your attention now didn't I? This card, I have been sending around now to all my networks. It is interesting to see if this will really work for me to get a full time job. One friend printed this card and put it on the wall of her office.

The funny thing about being jobless is that, you can stay home and do lots of things like clean the house, cook food, and catch-up on your reading. The downside is that while your household is working you are home alone, keep this up and you will become idle some how. Me? I started to read my 1984 Collier's Encyclopedia. What I like is that there are no email links, but compiled information from other books into each volume, how cool is that! My grandmother still has her 1970's era Collier's with the distinct red border near the base. With that edition came two books: The Furniture Doctor by George Grotz, and ironically, The-You-Don't-Need-A-Man-To-Fix-It Book by Jim Webb and Bart Houseman with intro by Erma Bombeck. Remarkable, I tell you. The latter book has illustrations of tools that are, frankly quite primitive, but efficient. I still say technology is good. There is even a whole section on plumbing! Women and plumbing? I think that given the time period this book is great! The Furniture Doc book is very helpful and I hope to utilize some of its hints. So what books have you been reading?

This week look out for a new recipe.

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