Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google Sketchup

Is an amazing product. It is like AutoCAD but way easier. During my stint at home, I have designed several homes, plus I am into apartments. I must confess, that I love to do kitchens and baths. Swimming pools are ok as well, but with WASA restrictions, I will have to "restrict" the size as well, so that I don't get "charged" for wasting water.

This particular 3 leveled design has 4 bedrooms, two toilets, one bath (WASA restriction), kitchen, dining and living room, lots of lawn and paved space. It is quite contempory and has one roof, so I guess it should not cost much. White walls outside and colour bursts inside. This is my favourite design style because I spent alot of time on it. On the top floor there is room for a private home office and library.

Materials suggested are wooden floors, marble kitchen counters, stone sinks and bathtubs, and tiles, preferably natural colours, plus lots of huge windows. Like Frank Lloyd Wright I want to bring nature in so I always encourage lots of large windows.

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