Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Other Side

Today is rather slow, so I finished the apartments and ate a late breakfast (berry tea and oven grilled cheese sandwiches). Later I will take the clothes off the line since they are dried to a crisp in the sun.

As you can see I posted the other side of my first design, notice the bed on the third floor? Cool. I said yesterday I love windows and this design is absolutely filled with them. Some people, like my mom, hates all the space around the house so, if she were to live here, she would be visiting every plant store to buy up all the little potted plants in their plastic green containers to break up the clean lines. And she may be right, I actually love elderly folks home interior decorating, their homes are so warm and homely, though a little cluttered when they start adding little ceramic figurines to the mix!

I applied to a company for the position of Quality Control, this I can do as I have an eye for detail and I am so self-motivated, qualities that the company wants so, lets see what happens!

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