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Your Moment & Interview

School days are the best days. It is there we cultivate long-lasting friendships or bitter enemies. However, we may choose to forget the past and move on to something better. Today, I have the honour of posting the interview of one of my former classmates, Mary-Ann Brailey. A Trini callaloo individual with a vivacious smile, an elegant bone structure, and a deep love for culture, who is also a graphic designer, video director and a budding Anti-Child abuse activist, CafféLatté magazine© took the opportunity to drag the mother of one to discuss what goes on in her mind and keeps her determination to continue making creative strides.

 Working with her husband, Orlando Dinchong, they meld their creative vibes to create and push for a different type of advertising and video editing techniques. Ensuring that the finished product sets a minimum standard on which they can build their platform to better creative networking.

Mary-Ann Brailey

Q: Briefly, what is the nature of your business and what do you do?
A: I am in the creative business. I do graphic design for all print media. I also partner with my husband in video production as well as CG (computer generated) 3D animation.

Q: What is your current state of mind right now?
A: My current state of mind…hmmm…I am currently very upset about the recent reports of child abuse – it’s something that has been bothering me tremendously and just recently I said to myself, "there must be some way I could help", not completely sure how, but I cannot sit back and not contribute something…even if it’s small…for now.

Q: Who/What influenced you to go into graphic design, and videography?
A: Well, I have always been a lover of art in all its forms and in 2000 I acquired a position as an assistant curator for the gallery There, I worked under Ronald Joseph, who became a very dear friend to me…he was actually the one who got me involved in graphic design, having many years of experience in advertising, he taught me all he knew, and to this day I am still learning. In 2001, my husband decided we should start our own business in video production, but especially focusing on 3D animation. As years went by we taught ourselves and practiced, practiced, practiced and we were able to identify our strengths and become better. It was hard in the early years, as I think people weren’t ready for animation on that level, I was even told that by several senior members in two ‘big’ media houses. So with much rejection, we decided to lay low. We did get a few jobs by word of mouth, and after awhile our clients grew. Now, we have decided to come out and advertise…we will see how it goes.

Q: I see that you mention Pat Bishop a lot, how did you two meet?
A: I met Pat in 2001 at the gallery where we were hosting one of her exhibitions. We didn’t really become friends till 2004, when I started working at the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago. There she saw our work in animation and video production, and soon after became our biggest client. Pat was gifted in seeing other people’s gifts and she made sure you became great at your gifts. She was an inspiration, a motivator and she loved animation. She was many things, a normal meeting with her and you guaranteed to learn something. 

Q: What are some of the projects that you have done, on TV, magazines, or in the newspapers?
A: My husband and I have completed several animated TV ads. Our biggest challenge was the CEPEPER campaign. We have done video production for Wonderful World, the Carnival Institute just to name a few. I have been doing TUCO’s yearly carnival congratulations full page advert for the past 3 years. I recently started work with the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Guide, I did the cover for their 10th Anniversary edition.

Q: What was the best thing that has ever happened to you in your life?
A: The best thing that has ever happened to me…I have several…but I will say my family, the knowledge I have acquired from working with Pat and mostly knowing our creator.

Q: What are your other hidden talents?
A: My other talents are photography, I have about 8 years experience in event and stage management, I am also a mother, wife and career woman.

Q: If you had one wish that could come true, what would it be? And if possible, who would it be with?
A: A huge, huge house with a gigantic garden with a secret garden and trees, flowers and mazes for my family and I.

Q: Throughout history, some folks have experienced the ups and downs of life, and as a result they said a quote(s). What is your favorite quote, who said it, and how does it apply to you?
A: I have a few favourite quotes, but these days I have been saying this one in my head over and over: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King. Jr.

Q: What are you working on now?
A: I am currently working on a few things, getting our company out there. My husband and I are working on a film and I am helping my friend start up a small organization where its soul purpose, is to bring more awareness to people and children on ‘child abuse’.

Q: If you have a comment for CafféLatté magazine, what would it be?
A: CafféLatté Magazine© is always a great, great read, the stories are always interesting and the way it is written makes you want to read more. I look forward to the magazine growing into something even greater in years to come…it has my full support.

Thank you so much Ms. Brailey, we hope to see more of you in the future!


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