Thursday, April 26, 2012

A reflection of Other People's Love

I try not to be a romantic person, because I can be very sappy to the point that I annoy myself. The enjoyment of crushes is just enough to satisfy that nothing is wrong with me, and I could move on from there. The process of meeting someone, getting to know that person, putting up with all kinds of stuff, and then realizing you want to get married is too long for me, I am rather impatient and will not want to get too emotional, because of the annoying sappy factor involved.

Then there is Ryan and Bethany.

You ever wonder what makes people fall in love. I always wonder about it. And if I see two people courting, I doubt weather they are really in love. Bethany is now a widow, she has been married to Ryan for six weeks before a rare form of cancer came and took him away. I do not know them personally, but yet I feel compelled to say something, because, well some folks get married for money, to show off on others, to receive gifts, to, I don't know, get their groove going. Somehow, there was something special about this couple, the pics, the videos, the family life, while I figured they were not perfect, there is some sort of a solid relationship on both sides among the family. Forget the American Dream, and the well, lack of diversity, but look at the reality, and rawness of the Love and support shown, and surrounding this couple as the Bride and Groom make a public commitment before each other, not knowing when his body becomes ravaged by such a dreadful disease.

What is it like to die? I can't help you there, but I do know that those who are dead now, will live again. John 5:28 states that, "the hour is coming, in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice." Sometimes, the pain and finality of death makes us go into shock, and seeing such a young couple coping with cancer shows how much people need to look past what this world has to offer.

I am heading to Tobago to get some r and r. I'd rather do that than go St.Anns.


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