Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life with a twist

Hey folks! I kind of lost my mojo for a few weeks, but I should be back on track next week. Life has been throwing some really hard coconuts, and I got a few hits, however all is not lost. I went to visit an old school friend on Thursday, she encouraged me to keep at this blog, because she really enjoys it. It felt so good to see her, since it has been years.

One thing I love about the life I have, is that I had a really good class: Ms. Sagar Form 3 at Bishops Centenary College. We all had our nerds and our comedians, our wild child and our fashionable muses, our loud-mouth debaters and our quiet dignity torch holders.

The majority of us stayed until we became Form 5 General. Our class room was in the Biology lab, and there was our cafeteria, our lunch room and and our stand up comedy central place. We discussed and studied anything and everything: religion, race, life at home, siblings, subjects, etc. I guess, I am supposed to say we were normal. But we were never normal. I can't remember anyone in my class liming outside of it, the Bio Lab was our liming spot, our comfort.

Fifteen years ago, we all graduated and went our different ways. Then Facebook came along, and it has been so easy to get in check with each other. Some have children, some got engaged, some got married, some went to the weddings of those who got married, others got married in a very simple and small ceremony, two people had beach weddings, and very few are still single, maybe one.

We have nurses, artists, flight attendants, accountants, self-employed, etc. And we all live around the world and marry folks from around the world, ha! My sister once suggested, "Y'll should definitely have a tea-party!" The thing is we were not a convent, nor a prestigious school, we were just a bunch of young women who made a life for themselves and are still living.

I got permission to add a pic. I am adding it in its raw form, it is from Cadell ("The so-called wild one who had a boyfriend with a motorcycle!") I did not now about that one, lol.
Form 3 Sagar at Bishops Centenary College



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    1. Great work as usual Lisa;)

    2. Thanks Mia!!! We should have a reunion group photo, and then have the ones with the children group and the spouses. Ha! That would be great!