Monday, April 9, 2012

Final Take On the Tiny piece of Land...

That is no longer for sale. Do you remember this? Well I did a second version, and I am happier. I included parking for two cars, two bedrooms, a look out, and a cute T.V. space.

The kitchen remained the same, and I added shutter windows. I was always looking for an excuse to design with shutter windows because in the Caribbean, the humidity could be merciless. The only way I can see that being defeated is to have shutter windows and a high ceilings. I also have the option of A/C. Air Conditioning has its benefits, but soon there will be an increase in energy costs with T&TEC raising the bill, and I am looking for simpler ways to design homes with as little materials as possible, I hope this clenches it. Later, I am going even simpler, it will be my third wooden home design with a distinct Caribbean flair, and yes there will be shutter windows. I can't wait!

Now for CafféLatté Magazine's Minimalist Caribbean Home.



  1. Love the concept and the illustrations. Would love to see more rooms.

    1. Hey Allenoel! Actually, these are all the rooms. It has a rooftop balcony, kitchen, small tv room, two bedrooms, 2 restrooms (one on the same floor as the bedrooms and one by the garage) and dining room.