Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Home on a Caribbean Island

Just in case you think I have nothing better to do than post my 3D Home designs, or brood about being unemployed... you are right. Doing projects on Sketchup beats sitting at a desk all day, being watched over by a jumbie/creative director who is breathing down my back. Yes, that last statement will win me no favors, but so is being too nice.

Lately, folks from the cold regions are hoping/wanting to retire in the Caribbean. They eagerly, grab, no buy what is left, and hire a local to be a cleaner/maid/house nanny. This has happened before... hmmm. Anyway, sometimes the pay is good, and the person is treated well... ok, that is going into too much red tape. Here is a little home I designed on a whim, I slept and drooled and snored on it like I do with all the others, so I hope you like it. The LandRover was designed by a guy named Rogue, he has a whole bunch of vehicles on Sketchup, and he is one of the best in that department, hands-down.

Feast your eyes:

It is built for a small piece of land

Check out my shutter windows

Ample kitchen area space is a must, in the Caribbean

Living/Dining room. Couple or Single

Restroom on your left, closet on your right

View from the Bedroom towards the kitchen


  1. i really like the simplicity of the design and that caribbean ambiance. I can imagine the trade winds as they breeze through the open windows.