Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Milestone Article from Yahoo!

Yes, there is a hint of sarcasm in the heading. Before in the days of yore, when online articles address the beauty need of dark-skinned women, it was very rare and almost always in the dark cave of the http:// world. You could spend hours searching for that *watchamacallit* that keeps your hair soft, or the natural no scented oils that does not ravage your eczema sensitive skin, with nary a peep of info. Then something happened and changed the way how beauty is pushed down our throats, and whatever it is, reinvented the way we look at ourselves as what we are, and what we have, as opposed to what we can be. It can even be summoned up into one word:


Interestingly, this word has sparked a long list of 'natural accessories', like: jewelry, hair products, skin products, etc. Now don't get me wrong, these things were here for a very long time, I mean if you really think about it, people who lived during the time the Jesus was on Planet Earth, and before that (B.C.E. wise), was equivocally natural. They used olive oil (and I mean the "real unadulterated version"), ate lots of fruits and nuts, built natural homes by the materials they made themselves, and cooked natural food and meat. At least that is what I read in the bible. I must add though, that Egyptians had some pretty questionable means of getting rid of illnesses. Ok, I will name one: using feces of any kind as a cure for anything. Look it up!
"I am getting my hair did y'll."
Then, when the Israelites came around, you began to hear of 'natural' food like barley, honey, leeks, garlic, fig, nuts, grapes, olives, etc. I mean, even in the hot arid desert, can you imagine anyone of the women back then waking up looking like LiLo in the morning? Their bodies were pure, smooth skin, voluptuous shiny hair, stuff like that. 

Today, we cannot escape the fact that chemicals are everywhere. And you could forget about the Low-Fat anything, what do you think they use to make 'low-fat coffee-mocha whipped cream moccachino alpine nutrasweet frappe with a cherry', huh? That is right, chemicals. If you doubt me, ask yourself, do you know one cow who insists on eating low-fat grass, and is always on a diet? Drinking evian and chai tea? 

Talking about the Egyptians, I could do with some of their cotton fabric, that would be lovely.

So, there I was browsing through the web on a break, and I stumbled onto a an article in Yahoo, that spoke about natural hair and relaxer. Huh? This is one of many sites who under an article stating "The Best foundation for those under 100* years old (*hint)" states various shades under a variety of brands. I see the shades, I put my swarthy hand next to them and hiss, "As usual, nothing for me." If I have to get a foundation at a make up counter, I sometimes have to ask, "Anything darker in this brand?" One too many times of that, and I now only wear pressed powder, cream-to-powder foundation against very oily skin in a humid climate makes my skin very slick, so I avoid them. In addition, they had Essence magazine links! 

By the way, walking around as an "Afro-Natural" is the most exhilarating thing I have done so far. It feels so good not to spend extra money on relaxers and others. I use coconut oil alot, my skin has taken to it beautifully, and my hair as well. One thing though, why do people keep wanting to touch it?

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