Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This year, was a better year than last, but it was not without its disappointments. I saw many of improvement in the folks around me, sadly, I also saw some folks see their family life hit the bottom of the barrel. That is one of the things that worry me the most, when one of the marriage mates decide to walk out on the other. Marriage is not easy, it was not meant to be, but giving it a fighting chance is better than getting another person only to start the whole cycle going again, especially when the problems does not include: extra-marital affairs, domestic abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, etc), and the like.

What do I know? I know that you marry because you love someone so much that you want them in your life, not because they are rich, or good looking, or any of that fluff. Some folks do not really know what love is, and unless you know what it is, stay away from the wedding fantasy.

In 2012 I have a new line up of interviews and art and house designs. I did not go to the cinema much this year, this is sad, and 3D is really irritating. I did go to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. My verdict: 10 full stars!!! Brad Bird was the director, and you should know by now, I am a huge fan of his movies and animations!

Finally, keep safe and think about your decisions... carefully!


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