Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Box Making

Many folks will be buying stuff this month and giving gifts. Would it be cool to recycle some of the items in your home? Sorry about the lack of photos, my camera died at the last moment. And disregard the date, it shows its ineptitude when it feels like.

For the gift above, I used the frame of a used grocery box. You can do this too!

Here are the materials I bought:
2 pieces of Wrapping Paper = $3 TTD each
Perhaps you can be a better judge of the type of wrapping paper than I, the silver there was beautiful on the rack, but it buckled so much, even after I tried to glue it neat. (maddening)

Here is what I had:
Copious amount of colourful construction paper
Masking tape
Double sided clear tape
Ruler/ T-square
X-acto blade
Agile Fingers for bending

Here are some of the tools for making this project:

First you measure and cut the box according to the gift. I used a fairly small box for some picture frames I was sending:

And this is the the base of the cut box will look like:

Cut your construction paper to suit and leave about three inches to fold. Remember to measure and cut the base according to the box size:

Put all the suff together like this, see the unification of the colours? Unfortunately, I forgot to add on the two brown sides, but you can do that:
Do the steps for the top as well, with the same box, but seal the top and slit the edges so that it slides down effortlessly on the base.

Cover the pieces with the wrapping paper, tucking behind the standing corner flaps.

And there you have it:
What are those flowers on the top? have a closer look:
I simply folded some left over paper and then stuck them on the box. If there is another occasion and I am sending a gift, I will do this process again. What I like about these flowers is that it is flat enough, so you can stack lots of boxes, one on top the other, and it will still be neat.


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