Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unusual House Design

I love Google Sketchup! As soon as I finish a personal project I start another one. Sometimes, I implement what I dreamed of the night before, other times I just experiment just to see if something will look awkward or uniquely gorgeous. I have about 10 - 13 such projects this year, last year in 2010 I designed about 22 houses. The year before, in 2009, I did a few strange ones. Personally, I think I have gotten better in terms of layout and structure. The only thing is that I put a little too much windows.

In Trinidad, windows are quite expensive, so you may see a new large house with a vast wall and very small windows. When you go inside, you will see a ceiling fan and outside that small window you will see an air conditioning unit. Once I lived in a home with A/C in my bedroom. The house had large windows, and lots of space and light allowance. I only used the A/C on one condition, you see at nights, there were some crazy looking insects and grasshoppers, and we had alot of trees in the yard. In addition, at the time there was a vast dense forest hill just up the road. And I am not a fan of insects of any kind. So it was better to sleep with the windows tightly shut and the A/C blasting. All you had to do was snuggle up with a thick blanket, which I had, or two sheets, doubled and you rolled up in them like a gyro wrap. Oh I can just see it now, it was a very comfortable home.

Actually, I am trying to avoid a thought in my head, and I feel time is of essence and I feel odd. Social wise, I sometimes feel inadequate about some people. Its not that I am afraid of them I just feel that I am a gnat and they are a big Tarantula, and that they may just judge me, unfairly. Sometimes, I am the African Beetle and I look at the bougie-like people as houseflies, something to be swatted. Its like I am supposed to impress them, and I don't want to, I just want to be that big ol' African Beetle and say whatever I like and how I feel. But, it irks me when they just sarcastically roll their dried yellowed eyes at me. 

Oh well! Just another day to play the time away.

I call this house The Napoleon. It is small in size and big in space:

3 Bedrooms
Living Room
Sizable yard space
Outdoor washer/dryer annex


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