Thursday, December 15, 2011

CafféLatté Magazine Likes - Advertisements

This list is in no particular order. Lately, advertisements have taken a new high and some are just as entertaining, if not better than the primetime series. Superbowl ads are usually the must see, and some of them are really good. Some companies, like Orkin (Pest control), are really hilarious and have been consistently great lately, in this case, the one that really impresses will be shown here. Or just one will be randomly picked from the lot. Others may not be as impressive, but they are there for sentimentality. So lets get it on!

Pest Control

Imagine you return from a great vacation with your family, only to return home and find two huge grimy rats in your room playing expert Guitar Hero. Grimy aside, those strings were the bomb! I liked how they are grimy, right down to the nasty claws and the gosh-be-gosh sickly yellow teeth and the sewer-looking matted fur. This is definitely one of my favorites.


That child needed a Caribbean mother. Had it been me acting like this kid, my mom would first freeze, give the looks of all evil, drop her bag and give me the best whopping in the entire world, heck, the entire of world history in all the world! Genghis Khan would not even top that. And it would happen right there in that supermarket.

How many times have you witnessed a scene like this? Very good ad. If you can't stand the embarrassment rubber up! I prefer sex after marriage. Keep it simple.

Soda ad featuring Michael Jackson and his brothers

I was almost moved to tears for this ad, because I have almost forgotten how much Michael Jackson has influenced the world of music in the 80's. Some folks say alot of rude things about him, even now that he has passed away. However, I believe he was damaged emotionally, and that was the result of all his inner thoughts displaying itself on his lifestyle. Say what you want, you can never stop listening to his music.

This is a great ad, see young Alfonso Ribiero dancing like MJ only to meet the real MJ on the street, and then there is an impromptu street dance. Cool!

Das Auto
The Force

This one is too cute to pass up and expertly acted in. Star Wars is definitely more than a cult classic and George Lucas must have thought that either, he would make alot of money, or he would make a Classic that would never die, or its possible he was just experimenting. Mr.Lucas, did you ever think that Star Wars would become one of the Best Fictional Movie franchise in the World? Sadly, I cant say that I was happy about the last three Star Wars movies. Something was missing from them.

The little Darth Vader tyke is played by absolutely adorable 6 year old Max Page. I hope to see more of him in the near future.

Candy Bar

This could happen. I think he burnt his finger on the iron. Which is awkward. It is funny though.

Not everyone can produce a great ad, but these here have some creative juices and were well thought of. About the Volkswagen ad, many ad agencies can have a Star Wars themed tv ad, but how do you put the Star Wars in the background and use the moment to sell your product. It was very well done, and the best for the year!


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