Friday, December 23, 2011

CafféLatté magazine End of year poster for keeps!

I would like to thank all the folks who dropped by regularly on CafféLatté magazine to check it out and read some of the articles posted. It was a tough year and we made it, almost. There were highs and there were lows. Thank you for not committing suicide or any type of crime.

Most folks this year, do not realize that money does not buy class nor an extra life, so if you cheated and stole money, that was real desperate and foolish. However, if you worked hard and saw the fruits of your labour, well done. When I told my mom I did not achieve much of my dreams this year, she said, "Money will always be there, but not always your family, family is important." I thought ok, but I really missed her and my sisters. I pray everyday that no one and nothing gets between us. I have seen families break up and destroyed of petty things like money. Don't let it be you.

Mom still considers herself a single parent, although we are all grown. Last year when she came to our home, she said, "Look how we are blessed, for the first time I could come home and not have to travel everywhere, I have my girls to drive me around." Another time she told me, "I am so proud of all my girls, you all grew up to be lovely young women, if I should go, it will be with a smile on my face." I felt sad, because, lets face it, she is getting old. She had me at 24 years, two years later another girl and a year later the last girl. She had a hard life, however, she has the most amazing group of people supporting her. Whenever my sister goes to the USA, there is always someone coming with a gift for her, "I bought this for your mom, make sure and give it to her."

Growing up in Movant with three girls is not easy, but she did it, and she does not regret anything. One day I asked her, "Mommy, did you ever think we would grow up and you could relax like this?" She thought for a moment and replied, "Yes, but it was difficult, however, I enjoyed being a mother. I remember we had to go to meeting and you were 5 and Tam was 3 and Mel was 2, and we had to walk down the hill and I would be holding Mel, and you had to hold Tam's hand and we had to cross the road to get a taxi to go to meeting. Sometimes, Tam did not want to hold your hand and Mel used to be so mischievous, but it worked out for the best, look at you all now."

I miss my mama. Don't worry she is still alive and well, I miss her presence.

Anyway, I have this poster for you fantastic folks you can print it. It does not mean anything, just download it. Here is a larger version to fit your desktop. Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree - family is important.

  2. Hey Allenoel! No probs, and thank you for reading.