Friday, April 2, 2010

When judging people...

Think that if you would like to be judged by those same people. Everyone needs a chance to prove themselves, that is, to prove the type of persons they are. Do you look at people, the way they dress, the books they read and their facial expressions, and tell yourself, "Ha, I know you better than you know yourself." These days, I have met men who are positively, full of ego tell me, "You don't know you like I know you." Say what? How would they know me? I have been single all my life.

I tend to give people second chances, but if they screw up yet again, I am wary about third chances. There is a saying, "Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you." Fool me ten times, then I am a real idiot.

Take people who are eccentric. In Trinidad and Tobago, we call them mad, and, we laugh at them. I would have you know, they are some of the most smartest people I have met, but, because of not being normal, they are shunned. There are many types of mental illnesses, some of them are caused by, I guess, childhood experiences, others by stress, and still others by constant harassment, and you can name many other instances. I am no Psychologist, so I can't really say what can be done to help these folks. What I can say, is that they are interesting to talk to.

I once met a lady who had two personalities, like a Jekyll and Hyde sort of character. When she was nice, she was really likable, sharing, hugging, laughing, smiling, the most happiest person in the world. When she stopped taking her tablets and the electrocution wore off, something sinister came out. Cruella DeVill had nothing on this woman. Her sarcasm, is legendary, and her words can cut up vegetables to make soup. When dealing with her, I had to forget that this mean old crow does not exist, or is not real. Another lady I know, sometimes does not speak for days or weeks, she writes everything on a pad, in great detail. One homeless guy in the city speaks in a British accent. Although, I will not call him crazy. One lady is very gifted in Mathematics, but she walks around with her items in a baby's bag with pastel colors, and, I think, rabbits sewn on the front. I have even heard of a bright young man losing his mind. I honestly believe, that at sometime in their lives, many people feel like they are losing their marbles on account of the problems they face on a daily basis, some people can handle it and they juggle their marbles, others have a very supporting family, and yet still, some just fall and their marbles roll everywhere.

So, don't judge people, empathize with them, remember we are all imperfect humans full of flaws, and trying to survive.

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