Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Having a blast at Pepper

And I can't complain. Of course it is temporary with the stress on the temp. I could not believe I actually got up, early, mind you, and went to have Pepper. Well, I finally got a shot to show Pepper Advertising my Indesign talent, it was small indeed, but I felt so proud to be in an actual advertising agency with some cool people. I was a bit shy, and nervous, but after all the years, of being told that I could not achieve my goals, I am at Pepper Advertising! Last night I could not even sleep, and even though, my stint is temporary, I will miss those new faces that I met today.

However, I want to thank the few people who just gave me alot of encouragement to "Keep Moving Forward": My mom, who is my number one fan, and she never gave up on me: My grandmother, who is very tough and brave and bought me my jacket since I had no money, I planned to wear it to an interview. She tells me that bad things do happen, but it is how you get back up shows your true worth. And she is a perfect living example of this. My sister, T, who has to deal with me and my artistic "fuzzles". Yet, I love how she is so classy through it all. My grandfather, who is a never ending emotional support to my grandmother and I. My other sister M, who is so outspoken and gorgeous! I really miss you Melly. And, Carey, who was so understanding, and she hired me as a 'baker for a day' (Thanks Katharine T!). I did not know that baking was so wonderful, now I understand why I see so many Italian-looking lovable guys holding a pizza in a logo, laughing and smiling.

I added Carey here because I judged her so wrong on so many levels. But when we were baking in her kitchen, wow, it was amazing. We spoke while baking at 90 miles an hour. And she is good too! So get to know people, by doing things with them, you will be amazed at how you all fit together like a puzzle.

So, my stint at Pepper Advertising, is very encouraging. I did not do it alone, and I just want to say that there were many people who supported me, and my heart just beats for them. So you all are my first official CafféLatté Magazine awardees, because without you, this blogger would not be so confident.

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