Monday, April 5, 2010

The Blind Side with tears of joy

Let me say that I am so happy about Sandra Bullock winning that Oscar, and to think she beat Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia. Sandra did a fantastic job! The guy who played Michael Oher was adorable, his name is Quinton Aaron, and his smile was infectious.

I think that we need to see more movies like this (The Blind Side), where people start from the bottom and rise to the top, because they are very encouraging. Now I don't expect you to start moping around for some rich white lady to scoop you up into her BMW, and her mansion. This movie tells us that things do get better with time. Sometimes, it feels like you are going down a hill that leads to a large a large hole at the base, but you do not know what is in that hole. Mabye, there is a trampoline in the hole, so you bounce out before further damage could be done. Or, there is a net to catch you. Or there is a monster... anyway, the thing is that you do not want to fall into the hole, so you start looking for ways to avoid falling into the hole by grabbing at anything stable to hold your weight.

In the movie, Michael Oher is heading into the hole, but before he goes, sadly, into it, Mrs. Leigh Ann Tuohy, reaches out her hand and catches Michael, taking him into her home and her heart, making him a very productive person to society, and the NFL. Of course, there is her family who goes along with her, since she is the mother, and a strong one at that. And guess what, he is black and she is white, I know I will get sassed for admitting this. I have read instances where people said that if you adopt a child it should be of the same race, and couples who decided to broaden their vision by adopting a child of a different race are pressured to 'give' up that child, to take an 'acceptable' one. Not Mrs. T. She was willing to lose her friends, and get an $80 salad at a restaurant near her home, than give up Michael. Despite his race, she loved him, even visiting his mother in the projects to tell her that she is willing to care for him. A wonderful movie, that I will watch again before I go to bed.

The Blind Side was directed by John Lee Hancock, and written by Michael Lewis. I give it 5 stars and Rate it G.

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