Monday, April 12, 2010

Pacman & Zombies

Do you remember when Pacman was all the rage in the 80's. I used to love that game, but I had to wait until my mother go to the shop so that I had an opportunity to play it. After some time, playing Pacman and the bedsheet ghosts began to fade. Then came Street Fighter, which featured over-muscled men, busting some karate chops, although I doubt they could move like that in the real world. Also, there was Mortal Kombat, which was so violent that parents began to protest. In primary school, it was not unusual to witness, children kick-ups at lunchtime and recess, bawling "UPPER-CUT!" I think it sounded more like, "APRICOT!" Or some crazy stuff like that. I never played the latter games though, actually, I witnesses some boys playing those games, so much shouting and hollering, and their faces, so filled with hate and vile.

Today, we have games like, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Dead Vacation? You got my drift, I mean Zombie games. And you have options, to either be a "dead zombie" or a "living survivor". The living survivor usually carry guns or machetes, or bazookas, and the dead just shuffle along, all virusy or like the Left 4 Dead game, a very special "active-dead" like the Jockey, the Spitter or the Tank. The violence in these games make Mortal Kombat, look like Pippy Longstocking, and Pacman to be something like Strawberry Shortcake (?) or Rainbow Brite. Just YouTube them, you will be shocked.

There are many cases of violence in the world today, some of it so gruesome you wonder, "what were they thinking." I wonder if people doing the killing may at some point feel that they are killing zombies, coagulated blood splattering all over, only, that they are not playing a game, but taking the life of a real living, innocent person. I wonder if, these games are like a training field, crimes against humanity. Some people believe that there maybe a coming zombie apocalypse (this I don't believe), and we must prepare for it. *Sigh*.

The kind of crazy things happening in the world today, I wonder if people even realize that compared to 20 years ago, things have gotten much more worse.

Just a random thought from CafféLatté Magazine.

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