Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post-Stress Home

We were offered somewhere to buy, the seller positively saying, "Yes you will get it." Only to rescind the offer a few days later. During that period we went to see it, and it was a pretty small plot of land with a very old house on it.

So, with my Google Sketchup© mind in full gear, I thought of a layout for a fictional newly married couple who wants to build their own home. There was no room to expand across, so I thought about going up. In that way, they can still have covered parking, own two dogs, have a wash room, and still comfortably hold a party. In addition, because the area is near to the city, I want to have as much light passing through the home.

This home has parking, kitchen, dining, lounge areas, toilet/bath, washroom and one bedroom with space for more if needed.
The City Escape


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