Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Moment and Interview

What better time to start the week than with an interview! On CafféLatté magazine, there will be a new feature called Your Moment & interview.  This is where I scour Trinidad & Tobago for some interesting folks who do interesting stuff and they love what they do.

This week, I "interviewed" Allenoel, who runs a blog called, For The Love of Dolls. She has one of the most unique hobbies in Trinidad and Tobago. I call it "Doll Crafting", but its better to hear what she has to say about it.

Q: Briefly, what is your blog name, and what does it mean.
A: My Blog name is For the Love of Dolls. The name reflects how I feel about my favorite pastime.

Q: What is your current state of mind right now?
A: My current state of mind: CALM
Allenoel's painted doll heads

Q: I see that you have three blogs, who/what influenced you to start blogging?
A: After, at least, eight years of reading other persons' opinions on a variety of topics, as well as learning and being inspired by information provided freely over the internet, I started my first blog in 2006. It was not topic-specific, but I felt comfortable expressing myself and not really caring if anyone else read my ramblings or not. I even had several private blogs that documented personal projects. These blogs were instrumental in helping me develop my interests and to direct my focus today.

Q: Your blog "For the love of dolls", is very interesting, how and when did you start your blog hobby, and what were your challenges?
A: I started collecting dolls in 1997, after a trip overseas, where I saw the variety that was available. Acquiring dolls that I like is a challenge, as they are mostly available online, from the USA, Canada and Japan. I have so many doll and art projects floating around my head that blogging about them seems to be the best method of recording and tracking my progress. Posting regularly is a challenge, as I am constantly editing my writing before publishing, which becomes tedious after a while. The thought of the time involved in downloading photos from my phone or camera, uploading and composing a post, editing, including links, etc., is sometimes daunting.

Q: Have you set any future goals for your doll craft?
A: Doll collecting does not seem to be popular in Trinidad, so I haven't given any thought to doing anything locally. I have joined several communities online, where I can ask questions and contribute, but mostly it is a personal pastime that I enjoy. It involves sewing, making and collecting miniatures and creating dioramas.
Allenoel also specializes in various hues of Dolls
Q: What would be the best event to happen in your life as a blogger?
A: Recently, I was mentioned on a popular doll blog.

Q: Apart from your creative blogging, what are your other hidden talents?
A: I can sew and I can carry a tune

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: I don't have a favorite movie, but I do enjoy movies that fall into any of the categories of action, adventure, crime, thriller, fantasy, mystery, drama or comedy. I have found that I am more interested in movies that feature my favorite actors.

Q: When you are working, what type of music do you listen to, and whom?
A: I have to be in a good mood to listen to music, I like all types, but favor techno, some soca, Latin American, some movie sountracks, some hip-hop, some disco, pop and some classical. There are too many artistes to mention.

Q: If you have a comment for CafféLatté magazine, what would it be?
A: I enjoy the variety of topics you publish and appreciate your sharing your personal experiences and feelings, while keeping it non-political.

Thank You Allenoel, and I can't wait to see more of your work in the future.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte