Friday, November 11, 2011

Return to the Past Public Relations Photography this year

As a PR Photographer, I have been around town. From the orphanages in Belmont, to the corporate functions in San Fernando and environs. What I love about this type of photography are the places you get to see, and new products and services you are exposed to.

Today, I have posted some photos that I took at Queens Hall in St. Anns (I am really beginning to love theatre). These photos are of the Moscow Ballet on Ice Production that is presented by Eastman and Associates, and attended by members of various children's homes and organizations with the proceeds going to the Rainbow Foundation.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the details of the photos, so please look at them with extreme open-hearted enthusiasm.

P.S. No part of the wooden stage was harmed in the making of the ice platform (well none that I heard of anyway). 

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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