Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's Day Off Tomorrow's Salty Oil

Nothing is happening today. Other than the fact, I decided to be the responsible sister and collect my little sis' birth certificate after much wrangling with the Immigration Authorities from Chaguanas about her real name, whether or not it has a stupid dash! They really made her feel as though she came from Uzbekistan or something. So, she had to get an affidavit, in which she paid $100 to get her name spelt wrong (again) and a damaged Birth Certificate. Finally, we can move on. Sigh...

Today for dinner is Garlic Rice (where I boiled the rice with a crushed whole garlic), and Pepper Kidney Beans with Geera. Later I will take a rest for evening activities.

I was looking at some files I took in NYC during my sojourn there, I miss it alot. I miss the smells, the museums, the subways and the coffee (I had a lot there). Plus some of the people (Americans are really not that bad, its just you-know-what). Today I will show some pics I took at the Brooklyn Musuem. At the time they were setting up a Murakimi Show, and we saw the Buddha sculpture and it was really lovely and large

If you know about the third picture, please post a comment, because I have no idea, it would really help.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

Murakami Buddha Sculpture

A corset-like garment worn by the males of a tribe in Africa

I am so sorry, I don't have a clue, but I love this

Chinese Dynasty Vases

Remake of rooms in homes that were torn down in NYC

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