Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday's Child into Tuesday's Teenager

I had a meeting on Monday, and after that I lost all strength, then I had a headache and sinus trouble, so I medicated myself and rested up for Tuesday.

Tuesday, started off slow. An hour before opening, there were no customers, the sandwiches were not selling, and a few people were only purchasing Munch Packs (one-piece chicken meals). By twelve, there was a line, and the sandwiches were going at a fast rate. The Cruncher and Zinger are usually served as a Combo (one regular side and a drink), Up-sized (large side order and drink), or with a Big Box Meal (drink, and two or three regular sides). The big box meal is hardly ever popular here, even Trini's have their limit to spending money on Fast-Food.

The most popular KFC deals are the Snack Pack (two-piece meal) which is popular with Primary and Secondary school children, women, and elderly. For the more active elderly, the Munch Pack is more popular. The Kids Pack is asked for by kids four years to eight years, and toy collectors. The sandwiches are popular with foreigners, import labour, Coast Guard and Halliburton workers. The Dinner Special is hugely popular with Army, Police, Coast Guard, Halliburton workers, Oil Workers, Transport drivers, Tall large and burly men (with an extra fries and Corn or cole Slaw) and grandfathers. The five piece meal is great with families and discerning mothers. The 8,10,12 pieces are popular with beach-limers, huge Indian Family limes and Down the Islanders. The 15 and 21 piece are hardly sold. I probably saw them being sold once or twice.

On Tuesday we sold many 5-piece specials, and Dinner Meals.

You know I never spoke much on the difference between Spicy and Original Chicken. These are most important. The Original is usually prepared in Pressure cooker-like pots with sealed lids, the flavour goes into the chicken which makes it so delish. The Spicy is prepared in open fry pots. Its just different preparation methods. I like the Original better, but only in the leg piece.

So why did Tuesday become a teenager? For one reason: There was a domestic situation that played itself out into the restaurant. A female customer came into KFC looking quite flustered, she had a difficult time choosing her options, but eventually settled on a dinner meal. Most times I keep myself busy so I made my rounds. Eventually I was hailed to prepare a Cruncher for a customer. I then heard a gasp from one of my colleagues and looked up only to see a tall man, grab  the yellow pail of soapy/chemical water and dump all of its contents on the feasting and visually-satisfied-now-shocked female customer. The water drenched the customer to the skin and and on the table, the soapy/chemical water went into her box of chicken, and her drink. Soap bubbles were visible on her hair,  her eyes were wide with shock, her face and arms were slick with the soapy water, her hobo-inspired purse...wet. The whole place was dead silent for a few seconds. Her moist eyelashes dripped with the cloudy/soap bubbles of the dash. All eyes were on her. And her eyes were on all. She was at a loss for words...and we were at a loss for laughs. I packaged the finished sandwich and gave it to the cashier, who then gave it to the customer who was looking at the slick looking customer, her eyes wide with shock and embarrassment, her pink mouth in an 'O' formation, burst bubbles in her short hair, and her pink jersey now stuck to her skin showing her bra print-out. The security guard, as usual, did nothing. He simply sat there. The man who did the dastardly deed was no where to be found. He was tall and dark with glasses and a white polo shirt. It did not seem that he was one of the diners. He simply saw an opportunity and took it. The Manager proceeded to give out instructions, and F, the deaf employee mouthed, "Call the police". There were some smiles, some shock, some laughs and indignation. The wet female customer left in seconds, going after the guy. I don't know what happened next...


That reminded me of an experience a friend told me while he worked at Unit Trust. He said a man and a woman had a fight out on the Brian Lara Promenade. And the male had the female in a choke hold. He said the female took hold of the male's most important member and squeezed the living daylights out of it. His choke-hold loosened and he screamed like a little girl. But she never stopped, she squeezed and squeezed until he knelt down...the watching public was in stitches.

Life in the Caribbean has its ups and downs, but what I have noticed is that here in Trinidad, life is never short of adventure of some sort.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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