Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Views

This is the project I am still working on. It is what I call a Semi-Pyramid Modern Contemporary home. There are stairs that lead straight to the beach. They are in the midst of trees. (I love stairs and trees, there is such an ethereal feeling, but it can also be dark. I still have to do a jetty for it, it will just take time. As you can see there is transport by helicopter, then there is a main wooden gate entrance. And for a little thrill I put an infinity pool at the entrance.

Here are the features:
Two guest rooms, one of them with two beds
Three bedrooms
One master suite
Wash/Restroom (to save space upstairs)
Two bathrooms
Living Room
Kitchen/Dining Room with children's (activity) table
T.V. Room
Infinity Pool

That is all I have for now, but if I get the fancy, I will try to put another bedroom somewhere. What I forgot, was water storage, however, the whole set up should be run by Solar Energy.

Materials: A little sketchy, but the true beauty lies in natural/quarry stone, wood, concrete, red brick, aluminum, steel (mainly for foundation and structure), granite(?)

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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