Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Microwave Cake Adventure

Could you imagine how your world can change forever if I can tell you in less than one hour you can make your cake and eat it too?... (and here is the kicker)...with frosting!

I did it! And so can you!

My roommate was itching for something sweet to eat, so I asked her, "Would you like me to make a cake in the microwave for you?" She rolled her eyes, "Ok try, but just don't burn anything."

So, I got to work. put all my ingredients together and did a test try with a coffee mug. In three minutes cooking time. I presented it to my roommate, her eyes lit up! The next challenge was the small, clear and square pyrex dish. To ensure the cake batter does not fall, I increased the amount of baking powder by a few more sprinkles. I also put one dish at a time in the microwave. Three mins...nah...four mins...nada...three more mins?...nope...three mins...finally! I insert fork and it came out clean! Meanwhile, I made the butter frosting mixing icing sugar and butter with a small spoon, a few drops of vanilla essence and viola!

When the cakes finished baking, I put them in the refrigerator to cool. In twenty mins, the cakes were cooled, drizzled the rum onto one of the cooled cakes, added the butter icing, put one cake on top of the other, added sprinkles, and I was eating my cake in less than one hour!

Time taken from the ingredients to the mouth, 50 mins tops. Satisfaction guaranteed!

My camera is in the shop, so my other camera had to improvise, anyway, this pic shows you what the actual cake looked like, and yes it was chocolate.

2010©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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