Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Like a Cancer

Cancer is like an invincible warrior. It goes into a populated city, takes over, and destroys it completely. Sometimes, it seems like is suddenly appears in the city, and as the guards begin to attack, it wipes them out, and proceeds to plunder and destroy. Other times, it seems to send out little warnings, like a little attack here, and a little attack there.

Lately, I have heard of many people contracting Cancer. Which to me is staggering. It seems like all of a sudden everyone is getting cancer of some sort. Personally, I know of three people with it, all women. Another friend of mine has lost count of the folks they know with it. It helps to see if you hear more about the Cancer survivor stories, than the ones who have passed away from it. However, it would be good to remember that once it has become evident that there is that mortal enemy in you, you must face the facts. This is all not new to me, I mean, I was born in the '80's, and it seems like in the 90's its all I ever heard about, except, so many people now are getting Cancer so close to home, and I am a bit troubled.

When we went to Manzanilla, on Sunday. Even the Honey-selling lady, told us of three people she knew with Cancer, all in advanced stages. One of them is a child. We then discussed if it is the food or water. She was convinced that it is the chemicals that is put in the vegetables to make them unpalatable to insects and worms. I thought out loud about the water, but somehow, Honey-seller does seem have a point, could it be that the chemicals that are used in agriculture is not being used effectively? Could it be the pollution all around us? Global warning? Genetics? Lifestyle? I tried to remember what road did we take to reach this point today, so far I can only gather our prosperity judging by the kinds of cars on our roads.

Today, was the funeral of the wife of a cherished friend. She was pleasant and you can see her smile for miles. Always a quick laugh, and she loved to dance! Her husband took quite long to get married, but when he did, she was the best person for him, she was his rib, his companion. I cannot imagine the grief that he is facing right now, and that although she is in a deep sleep, she will awake again.

Some info on Cancer and Genetics here.
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What needs to be said is to live each day doing good, and cherish each other, because life is so uncertain now.

Please remember the information place here is not to self-diagnose but for information/entertainment purposes only.

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