Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chutney Hours

If someone says that they are unemployed and is taking a break, you would probably be confused. I am taking a break this week. after putting in 3 weeks in a building design, I am beat. However the finished product is awesome. In due time I will post it here.

Tonight, I made Mango Chutney and Fish Bake. This is really easy to do. For the Fish Bake, I mixed remnants of the seasoned sauce from the fish, with the batter that was used to deep fry the fish, I added some lime juice and cayenne pepper, with a touch of salt, then I fried it.

For the Mango Chutney, I used a green Julie mango that was too acid to use in chow. I chopped it up, added one tablespoon of sugar some ground spice and a cup of water, with one teaspoon of butter, allow to boil until syrupy.

About 5 servings.

2010©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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