Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Old Photos of Trinidad and Tobago

First and foremost, in an effort to curb the unabomber mosquitoes under my table I am burning a mosquito repellent coil, but guess what? I just burned my toes, ow!

So, I found my cache of found photos on old Trinidad & Tobago. Again, I do not own the copyright on these, but if you know someone who has these, I would love to interview them.


Queens Park Hotel then, BP Amoco now.

This might be in St. Clair.

While this looks like Barataria, it might be either Picton or Woodford Street in Newtown.

Central Bank in Port of Spain. (with free parking too!)

This is one of the wider streets in Port of Spain. My guess is either Park or Richmond Street.

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