Saturday, May 8, 2010

Priceless Photos

Are you ready for it? I have some pictures of old St. James main road and one colour photo of Frederic Street. In addition, a picture of the old Scarlet Ibis Hotel, I understand that where this building used to be, the Emerald Plaza building is now standing. So you saw them here first, enjoy!

Frederick Street. If only I could get a picture of East Dry River.

Old St James main Road

Lower Frederick Street, perhaps 1960's

Hotel Scarlet Ibis. Architecturally speaking, this design is geometrically stunning.

This looks like Belmont.


  1. I am thinking that the black and white images speak nothing of our culture, so I have a surprise for all you CafféLatté Mag readers.

  2. Your right. The colour makes it come alive. I love seeing old picts of Trinidad. Its nice to see where we were and how far we've come.

  3. I agree Bookventures, we have come a long way city-wise. I would be really good to keep some of our old infrastructure, for instance the Union Club building that was on Independence Square, was kept in its original condition in the 2000's...until it was broken down for a big blue tower