Friday, May 14, 2010

Bus Tickets and Skittles

Nothing beats skittles and water, Skittles are sweet and water is ...well, I guess just water.

Now don't get me wrong.

Water (clean and unadulterated), is beneficial to all life on earth, a very healthy gift from god. And its versatility is endless to almost infinity, you can boil it, freeze it, drink it, bathe in it, fill it in balloons and, water your plants. Now do that with a soda, and no you can't bathe in it. Whenever the word WATER is mentioned, the other word LIFE comes to mind. So DON'T WASTE IT!

Skittles. I don't care to know their history, because I am a part of their history. This candy will go on into the future as the best tasting candy known to man. Juicy, flavourful, firmly-soft, and comfortingly sweet and joyful, Skittles are indeed, hard to resist. So if I call you 'Skittles' you know, we are in bodow!

My fascination with Skittles started, when I could not afford it. It was $3.50 (TTD), when the other candy, including Large Tamarind Balls, were .50 cents (TTD), and $1 (USD) was about $5 (TTD). Now, today's 'tambran balls' pricing will be tackled in the future. My allowance was about, $2 (TTD), and I got it occasionally. In a nutshell, Skittles was out of my league. These days, I buy it and store it in my refrigerator, and when my fancy gets to me, I reach out and pop one of those 'rainbows' into my mouth.

Skittles and water are easy to carry around, I go to cinema, and I am watching TV, my skittles and water are there. I don't have it at work, because the chemistry does not match up. Its like Nelson Mandela and Adolf Hitler talking in a room, never will happen. (Actually I can see this happening, Mandela and Hitler trying to have a conversation on Family Guy).

Bus tickets are amazing little items. If you hold them too hard, they will crinkle as if you chewed them up. For this entire week, I traveled by PTSC style. No smelly people sat by me, no big bottoms dislocating my hip, and no sweaty/sticky moments, with sweat from the other person dropping onto my arms. Instead, air-condition, space, smiling bus drivers, and for the first time, school children who actually stayed in their seats, (except for one route in the west). Overall, I give PTSC two thumbs up. Also, no garbage, and no roaches. May I suggest that you go the way of the MTA in New York City, and issue Metrocards, this will be quite useful, because of those poor trees that are used to make bus ticket paper.

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