Monday, March 14, 2011

Life and the Uncertainty and feeling when you will be dashed to pieces

For the folks in Uber-Techno-Savy Japan, Mother Nature has hit a home run in terms of emotional anguish, pain, loss of life, desperation, and all kinds of social ills. A group of people highly regarded as hard-working, industrious, creatively intelligent, and quality-oriented, they have made Japan one of the most wealthiest nations in Asia.

So stop and think for a moment, that one day you had everything, and then Friday into Saturday, everything is gone. First an 8.9 earthquake and then the clean kicker of a 6 -13 feet tsunami. And with Big Brother watching, it happens right before your very eyes on the internet live stream, on T.V., by satellite, and amateur videos.

I can not fathom the sense of loss and depression, plus post-traumatic disorder that can come from this. I think that in light of the regular occurrences like these, there needs to be a group of folks called the Counselors for People of Involuntary Displacement of Disaster. This group of Psychologists and work in a voluntary manner (you will have to super mean to bill folks for this) to emotionally help people to deal with loss in such a grand scale. Some folks find it easy to get up after they fall, but many folks may find it difficult to 'get up' after they have fallen, leading them to be left behind and struggling by themselves to gain their footing. This COPIDD group can help the folks to help themselves and in turn help others. The idea is to prevent long term mental illness from dealing with natural disasters. While it is a temporary solution, it will help you to get by until better comes about.

From personal experience, there is only so much beating a mind can take, and if you pride yourself on your developed thick skin, there is always someone or something who can override and pierce your 'thick-skin' and sink you like the Titanic.

Anyway, that is my suggestion and its copyrighted (insert chuckle). The funny thing is, there is more to come, the scary thing is not knowing when. I may have some other ideas, but for now simply take in the beauty of my airplane.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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