Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting something off my chest

Print and stick in your cubicle if you are Clueless

I have not been writing here for a while. One friend is convinced that I had acquired a boyfriend, another said that I am in love. I'd say nope to both accounts. Its more like wasted time. Some women use their whole lives waiting for the perfect man. Some women try to be princesses a la Barbara Hutton. Others become lesbo's either by choice or frustration, and then there is 'the clueless club'

In this 'Clueless' club, the women have no experience when it comes to guys. They have never kissed a guy romantically under the mango tree, they have never had someone fall in love with them, they have never had a BF, they simply go on living. You are elegible for the Clueless Club if you ask yourself the following:

What is the purpose of having a BF?
Ok so i have a BF, now what?
I have this guy, and he just likes talking to me, but I don't know what to do about it.
What does being engaged feel like?
I don't know how to fall in love?
How do you fall in love?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are not going to find them here, because I do not know. When I feel like someone likes me, I just want to run away, but if I like them, they run away. I read those "Rules" books, but I believe, that every guy is different, not all of them can be categorized in those books, but I might add, they have very good advice, especially for women who need to keep their dignity and self esteem in the right track.

So for all you Clueless CafféLatté Magaziners, you now have your own official card. You gotta be proud about something.

2011©Lisa Marie Bonaparte

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